How to Clean Junk Files on iPhone


June 22, 2017 09:00 / Posted by Boey Wong

Hi, I am new to iPhone before I had used HTC. I am quite curious how to remove junk files that are downloaded via mail, web browsing, Facebook etc., which can occupy some space and slow down my phone. I can’t find any way how to do it. Thanks a lot for the answers.

iPhone junk files includes temporary and corrupted files, cookies, caches, crash logs produced by the third-party applications that we use frequently. With the increasing memory hogs and junk files, you will find your iOS device is running slower and slower. To clean up apps and speed up your device, you can delete the junk files from the application itself. Although not all apps are with the exactly same path, most of them are pretty similar. Let’s take Safari and YouTube apps for examples.

Clear iPhone

1. Clear Safari Cache on iPhone

To clean history and cookies from Safari, go to SettingsSafariClear History and Website Data. To delete other stored information, go to SettingsSafari AdvancedWebsite DataRemove All Website Data.

2. Clean Junk Files Generated by YouTube

Launch the YouTube app on your iPhone, tap on the Menu button, which is three-dots ranking vertically on the upper-right corner. Choose Settings from the expanded list, and then select Clear watch history and Clear search history respectively under Privacy option to erase all caches and histories.

Cleaning Apps

You can delete junk files by this method, but it’s very troublesome as you need to open each app and clear history on safari one by one. what’s more, some hidden temporary files can’t be cleaned completely in this way. So I would like to introduce a professional junk file cleaner – FoneEraser for iOS, which is your best choice with one-click cleaning function and it is totally free!

3. Clear iPhone Junk Files from PC

Free download and install the program onto your computer and then it will launch automatically once it finished.

Connect iOS Device

Plug your iPhone to the computer via USB cable, and enter passcode on your phone if it is locked. Tab Trust on device for iOS 7 or higher version.

Trust Your Computer

The software will soon detect your iPhone, if not, click the icon right behind Failed.

Detect Device

Select an erasing level (Low, Medium or High). High Level is recommended here.

Select Erase Mode

After your device is connected, click the Start button to begin erasing and then click Yes to confirm the procedure.

Click Start

Wait for the erasing process to complete.

Start Erasing

All content and settings will be wiped out thoroughly and permanently with this free iPhone cleaning app. So if you want to sell your iPhone, iPad or iPod, it’s smart to erase your device with this software before selling it, because you don’t need to worry about the deleted information will be recovered by some data recovery tools. Moreover, it is your best choice to clean up iPhone storage.

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