How to Rotate a Video before or after Posting to Facebook (5 Ways)

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May 06, 2020 17:00 / Posted by Lisa Ou

What you can do to fix a video that is sideways? Is it possible to rotate a Facebook video after posting? Actually, the answer is Yes. Facebook allows users to rotate a video left or right after uploading. Moreover, you can also get easy ways to rotate a video before uploading to Facebook here. Just read and see how to rotate a video on Facebook before or after uploading.

How to Rotate a Video before or after Posting to Facebook (5 Ways)

1. Rotate Video on Facebook after Uploading

If you find an uploaded Facebook video is in the incorrect orientation, and you don’t want to delete it, you can follow the steps below to solve the problem. Well, you can rotate a Facebook video by 90 degrees without extra tools.

Navigate to your Facebook profile page. Find the Facebook video in the wrong orientation.

Click the Options button below.

In the popping-up list, you can choose Rotate Left or Rotate Right to rotate Facebook horizontal or vertical.

rotate facebook video after uploading

2. Rotate Video on Facebook before Uploading Online/Fonelab Video Converter Ultimate/Photos App/Adobe Premiere

If you haven’t uploaded the video to Facebook yet, you can get more choices. The followings are all workable ways to rotate a video by 90 degrees, 180 degrees or 270 degrees.

Way 1: Rotate Video on Facebook before Uploading Online

There are many online video rotators. You can rotate a video 90 degrees counterclockwise or clockwise for free online. Here will take clideo as an example to rotate video for Facebook.

Open the free video rotator online.

Click Choose file to import your video that is sideways.

Click the Counterclockwise or Clockwise button to rotate video.

You can keep the original format or set as AVI, F4V, FLV or other common formats.

Click Rotate to rotate a video to post to Facebook.

rotate video online

Way 2: Rotate Video on Facebook before Uploading FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate

FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate is more than a video rotator. You can also get other video editing tools to customize videos. It is supported to rotate or flip a Facebook video. The original and output preview windows can show you the difference instantly. After turning your video upside down, you can crop, trim, merge, add watermark, enhance video quality and apply more effects.

  1. Rotate a video 90 clockwise, counterclockwise, horizontally or vertically.
  2. Trim and merge video clips you want to rotate.
  3. Advanced video editing tools and multiple input/output formats.
  4. Safe, clean and easy to use.

Launch FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate. Drag and drop videos into the main interface.

main interface

Click Edit on the top. Head to the Rotate page. You can find it in the first place of all options.

Click four options to rotate or flip your Facebook video. You can check the effect in the Preview window. Then click Apply to confirm.

rotate video

You can unfold the Profile list to convert video to other formats. At last, click Convert to export your video in the correct orientation.

choose mp4 format

What's more, you can also use it to rotate YouTube videos.

Way 3: Rotate Video on Facebook before Uploading Photos App

Actually, you can rotate Facebook photos on Mac via the Photos app. But when you try to rotate or flip a video with Photos app, you can find that the rotate and flip options are greyed out. During this time, you can import video to QuickTime Player to change the video orientation.

Open your video with QuickTime Player.

Click Edit on the top toolbar.

Choose from Rotate Left, Rotate Right, Flip Horizontal or Flip Vertical.

You can make the video oriented correctly.

rotate video on mac

Way 4: Rotate Video on Facebook before Uploading Adobe Premiere

If you have subscribed to Adobe Premiere, you can rotate or flip a video in Adobe Premiere as well. Otherwise, it is expensive to change the direction of a video only with Adobe products.

Run Adobe Premiere. Choose Import from the File list to import your video.

You can drag the video into the timeline for further editing.  

Find and click Motion in the Effect Controls panel.

Unfold Rotation to rotate a video before posting to Facebook.

rotate video in adobe premiere

No matter you want to rotate a video before or after posting to Facebook, you can get handy solutions from the above paragraphs. It is not a big problem when you find the video is in the wrong orientation. You can always fix a video sideways or upside down on your phone or computer with ease.

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