5 Ways to Backup Android Videos


Jan 09, 2018 09:00 / Posted by Boey Wong

I got the dreaded low storage space warning message recently on my Samsung phone. So I think I should back up my videos and then delete them from the phone to release plenty of storage space. Please help! Thanks in advance!

No matter your Android phone packs the maximum RAM and internal storage or not, you need to back things up because:

  1. The low storage space may have a bad influence on the system running normally. If you haven't backed up your data, you would lose them when the system crashed.
  2. As for precious photos and videos that you want to watch anytime and anywhere, you should back them up to cloud or computer.

Google developed various cloud service applications for users: Google Photos, Google Drive, Gmail, etc.

Backup Android Apps

Thus, there's no difficulty to backup your Android data to the cloud as long as there is a network connection.

However, it's better to make a local backup in case you have no internet connection.

I would like to show you both how to backup Android to cloud and to PC/Mac in the remaining passages.

1. One Click to Copy Your Android Videos to Computer

There is a very intuitive way to make a backup for your Android data including videos and restore to Android device from the backup optionally.

Besides, this software enables you to make an encrypted backup if you want.

FoneLab Android Data Backup & Restore is a tool that enables you to copy Android data to PC/Mac, and even make a encrypt backup with a password. Besides, it allows you to restore backup files to your device within clicks!

Now let's follow the simple guide to backup videos.

First Download and install the software with the given above link.

The software will open automatically once the installation is finished. Click Android Data Backup & Restore from the interface.

Choose Android Data Backup & Restore

Plug your Android device into the computer with a USB cable. It requires you to enable USB debugging. Follow the on-screen instruction to enable it.

Click OK to allow the USB debugging when it pops up.

Allow USB debugging

After it is successfully connected, you can choose to either backup or restore. To do a backup, choose Device Data Backup to backup selectively or One-click Backup to backup all. To restore, choose Device Data Restore to restore optionally or One-click Restore to restore all.

Choose Backup Method

Now you can choose whatever contents you want to backup. Check the box before Videos to backup videos files only and click Start.

Choose Backup Content

Choose a location to save your backed up data and click OK to continue.

Choose Output Directory

Do not disturb the connection during the procedure.

Begin Backup Android

You are done! With FoneLab Android Data Backup & Restore, you are able to backup android contacts, videos, photos, messages, call logs, audio, and documents. It fully supports Samsung, HTC, OnePlus, Motorola and more.

2. Backup Android Videos with Google Drive

I also want to introduce another backup alternative to you, Google Drive. To backup photos, videos, and documents to Google Drive, follow these steps:

Locate your Photos app on your Android device, and select the videos you'd like to upload to Google Drive.

Tap the share button.

Tap Save to Drive.

Choose an account you want to save to.

Tap folder you'd like to save to and Select Folder.

Hit Save afterward. Your videos will then be uploaded to Google Drive.

Backup with Google Drive

3. Directly Backup Videos to Computer with USB Cable

A big merit of using Android device is that you can just simply plug your phone or tablet into the computer with USB cable and transfer files between them directly. To transfer videos from Android to PC, you should:

Plug your Android into PC using USB cable.

Find DCIM folder after the computer detects your device.

Then you can drag and drop the video files freely.

Backup Android Videos Directly

4. Backup Videos via Google Photos

Google Photos is one of the best Android backup apps too. If you use it to backup your Android Smartphone, it will seamlessly upload them to your Google account storage as well.

To get the app, go to Google Play Store and free downloadLink out icon.

After it is installed, you just need to allow it to access your photo and video library, and tap Backup and Sync. You can view them from anywhere after doing that.

Backup Videos Using Google Photos

5. Backup Android Videos Using Dropbox

Dropbox is also popular among Smartphone users which gives you 2GB of free online storage to keep your stuffs.

All you need is to download the app and create an account. You can sign up for Dropbox on a web browser at the Dropbox website or on your Android phone directly. And next, install the app on your phone or tablet.

Backup with Dropbox

Here are the steps:

Open Dropbox on your home screen.

Sign in your Dropbox account with email address and password.

Tap the '+' blue circle on the bottom-right of the screen.

Select Upload photos videos from the menu. Then choose which videos you want to upload.

Tap Upload to get it started.

Your selected videos are now be uploaded to the Dropbox folder, which means you can get access to them from any device with an internet connection.

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