[Free Guide] 3 Ways to Transfer Photos Between Laptop and iPhone

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You have to admit that iTunes sync is not a good way to transfer various iOS data.

You can rely on iTunes to sync all types of files on your iPhone to the computer as a backup. But you are not allowed to access these iOS data. You can only use it for restoring one day. You may wonder if there is a way to back up meaningful iPhone photos to your laptop.

transfer photos between laptop and iphone

What’s worse, you are not allowed to directly drop photos or any other data from laptop to iPhone. Now we back to the question,how to transfer photos between laptop and iPhone ?


Guide List

1. Best Way to Transfer Photos between Laptop and iPhone

iTunes is not the best choice when you want to transfer photos from laptop to iPhone, or from iPhone to your laptop. Now we like to recommend a powerful and easy-to-use iPhone photo transfer, HyperTrans for you.

HyperTrans is mainly designed to transfer various iOS files like pictures, contacts, messages, videos, and more. It offers a straightforward way to transfer photos between laptop and iPhone. Just free download it on your laptop and follow the detailed steps below to transfer your iPhone image files.

FoneLab HyperTrans
FoneLab HyperTrans

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Step 1You can click the download button above to free install and launch this iPhone photos transfer on your laptop. After that, connect your iPhone to it with a USB cable.

connect iphone to mac

Note: For the first connection, you need to tap “Trust This Computer” on your iPhone screen when it prompts the option.

Step 2 All frequently-used iOS data listed in categories on the left panel, such as Photos, Music, Videos, Contacts, and more. Here you can click on the Photos option.

Step 3You are allowed to check the details of each picture on your iPhone. Just double click the photo on the right preview window and you can view it clearly.

preview iphone image

Step 4Select the specific iPhone pictures you want to send to laptop and then click on the computer icon to start the transferring. It offers a simple way to back up iPhone photos.

choose file transfer

As mentioned above, this iPhone photo transfer also enables you to transfer photos from laptop to iPhone. If you want to add pictures to your iOS device, here you can click on the + icon. A pop-up window will guide you to the picture folder on your laptop. Then you can choose some laptop photos and put them to your iPhone.

Besides photos on iPhone, iPad and iPod, this all-featured HyperTrans has the capability to transfer various files between laptop and Android phone. Actually, it is one powerful transfer tool that can easily deal with all kinds of data transferring works. Just free download it and have a try.

2. How to Transfer Photos between iPhone and Mac Laptop

WIf you are using a Mac laptop, you can rely on the AirDrop feature to transfer photos between laptop and iPhone. AirDrop is a great file transfer service that can help you transfer iPhone pictures through Bluetooth. It provides a convenient way to share all types of iOS files, even without Wi-Fi network.

Step 1Enables Bluetooth feature on both your iPhone and Mac laptop.

Step 2Swipe from the bottom of your iPhone screen to arise the Control Center. Tap AirDrop feature and then set your iPhone can be discovered by Everyone.

Step 3Go to your Mac laptop and click Finder > AirDrop > Allow me to be discovered by > Everyone.

android music folder

Step 4After all these settings, you can start to transfer photos between Mac laptop and iPhone. Select the pictures you want to transfer and then click on the Share button.

share photos via airdrop

Step 5Click theAirDrop and choose your Mac laptop. Then click Accept to start the transferring process and begin to receive the photos.

3. How to Transfer Photos from Laptop to iPhone with iTunes

In the last part, we will show you how to transfer photos from laptop to iPhone with iTunes. It’s easy to back up various pictures on your iPhone to computer with iTunes, though you are not allowed to directly check the files. But you may feel hard to add laptop images to iPhone. Now you can take the detailed tutorial below to make the transferring.

Step 1To transfer photos from laptop to iPhone with iTunes, you need to put all image files into one folder first. Then launch the latest version of iTunes on your laptop.

Step 2Connect your iPhone to laptop with a USB cable. When iTunes has detected your iPhone, you can click the iPhone icon in the iTunes interface.

Step 3Click on Photos on the left panel. Choose Sync Photos from the option from the photos menu. Here you can choose the image folder by clicking the Selected folders option.

Step 4Click Apply to confirm the operation and start to transfer photos from laptop to iPhone.

transfer photos from laptop to iphone with itunes

After reading this article, you can cover 3 effective solutions to transfer photos between laptop and iPhone. When you want to copy iPhone pictures to laptop, or add laptop photos to iPhone, you can get a suitable method. If you have any better method to transfer your iOS pictures, please share it in the comment.

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