Play and Record iPhone or iPad Games on Windows/Mac (Full Screen)


Nov 26, 2018 09:00 / Posted by Lisa Ou

Is it possible to play iOS games with a larger display? The answer is Yes. You can mirror iPhone apps and games to your computer with the larger screen and better experience. It is OK to play iOS games on PC or Mac. So how to mirror iPhone or iPad’s screen to your computer? To solve this problem, you can install an iOS simulator for PC or Mac.

iOS emulator for PC: MobiOne Studios, Smartface, iPadian, Air iPhone, iPhone Simulator, etc.

iOS simulator for Mac:,, Xamarin TestFlight, QuickTime Player, etc.

Play and Record iPhone or iPad Games on Windows/Mac

1. How to Play iOS Games on Windows/Mac

To start with, you need to emulate iOS system on your Windows or Mac computer first. Layer, you can play app games on PC or Mac effortlessly. 

1. Play iPhone Games on Windows with iOS Emulator

Download and install iPadian on PC with the on-screen instruction.

Run iPadian emulator to get an iPad interface.

Search and download the game you need from the App Store within iPadian.

Play iOS games on PC, as well as your iOS device.

Note: You need to run its paid version to access all features from this iOS simulator.

play ios games on windows

2. Play iOS Games on Mac with QuickTime Player

Plug your iPhone or iPad to Mac via a lightning USB cable.

Run QuickTime Player, choose New Movie Recording from the File list.

Find the down arrow icon, select the name of your iOS device under Camera and Microphone categories.

Click the Full Screen icon on the top left corner of the window.

Play iOS games on Mac in full screen.

play ios games on mac

2. How to Record iOS Games on Windows/Mac

Now you can use screen recorder software to record streaming iOS games directly. By using FoneLab Screen Recorder, you can record not only iPhone or iPad gameplays, but also your voice and commentary.

In addition, you can use the built-in camera to record webcam video at the same time.

Well, you can pause and resume screen recording with no time limit. It is also supported to take a screenshot while recording iOS games. The most important thing is that you can play iPhone games on PC or Mac without lag here.

1. Main Features of the iOS Game Recorder for Windows/Mac

  1. Record gameplay, movies, calls, tutorials and other live streaming videos on PC or Mac.
  2. Capture the sound coming from the computer and your voice.
  3. Set hotkeys to start, pause, resume, stop recording and take screenshots.
  4. Add labels, show mouse movements and manage other screen recording preferences.

2. Record iOS Games and APPS on Windows

Download and install the gameplay recorder for Windows software.

dell screenshot software

Choose Video Recorder. Set the screen capture area. Enable System Sound and Microphone. Volume up or down manually.

choose video recorder

Click REC to start recording iOS games on PC.

click REC

After the gameplay recording, choose Save followed by Next to save the iOS gameplay video as MP4 format.

save recording video

3. Record iPhone and iPad Games on Mac

Launch Mac screen recorder on Mac.

Drag and draw on the screen. You can enter the width and length accurately. Enable Audio and Webcam based on your need.

launch program

Click the gear Preferences icon to adjust output format, path and other details. (optional)

mac screen recorder settings

Choose REC to start recording and playing iOS games on Mac.

Click Stop to end up the process. Go to Media Player to share, preview, delete and find the gameplay recording file.

find gameplay recording file

3. 10 Top Games on iOS

Different from game consoles, you can play games on an iPhone or iPad with no extra cost. Furthermore, its touchscreen and lightweight shape allow users to take it everywhere. Just make sure you are running a strong network.

So what are best iOS games in 2020? You can read and join them.

  1. Fortnite (2017)
  2. Pokenmon GO (2016)
  3. The Room: Old Sins (2018)
  4. Monument Valley 2 (2017)
  5. Framed (2014)
  6. Minecraft (2009)
  7. Iron Marines (2017)
  8. Reigns: Game of Thrones (2018)
  9. Wayward Souls (2014)
  10.  Crashlands (2016)

All in all, you can play iOS games on PC or Mac after mirroring effortlessly. It is also easy to record iPhone or iPad games with system sound and your voice in high quality.

Still have questions about iOS games playing or recording? Just feel free to contact us.

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