How to Transfer Data from Android/iPhone to LG phone

Lisa OuPosted by Lisa Ou / April 15, 2021 09:00

Transferring data from Android phone/iPhone to a new LG phone will be easy. However, there are freeways to transfer data from Android/iPhone to LG phone.

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Guide List

Part 1. Transfer Data from Android/iPhone to LG Phone with LG Mobile Switch

LG Mobile Switch is an app from LG company, allowing users to transfer data from Android or iOS devices to LG phones. The app needs to be installed on both phones and requires Android 4.1 or above.

Note that data saved in cloud services would not be transferred via LG Mobile Switch.

Android to LG via WI-FI

For this method, ensure both phones share the same WI-FI.

Step 1Download and install the app on both phones on Google Play.

Step 2Enter the main interface and select Wireless.

lg mobile switch interface

Step 3On Android phone, select Send; on LG phone, tap on Receive.

Step 4Hit START on both phones.

Step 5Select LG phone to connect on Android phone and confirm with Accept on LG phone.

Step 6Choose the data you want to transfer from the list and click START.

The transfer will be completed within a few minutes depending on how much data you have transferred to the LG phone.

Step 7Restart the LG phone after the transfer done, after which you will be able to access all of the data that you just transferred over Wi-Fi.

Troubleshooting: If the two phones cannot connect, check the following fields:

  1. Turn on Wi-Fi on both phones, and the two phones share the same network.
  2. Identify the Sender phone and Receiver phone.
  3. Press START on both phones.

Android/iPhone to LG via Cable

You may need a USB OTG adapter to connect.

Step 1Download and install the app on both phones.

Step 2Enter the main interface and select USB cable.

Step 3Connect the two phones with USB cable and adapter.

usb cable transfer

Step 4Select Send on Android/iPhone and hit Receive on LG.

Step 5Choose the data you want to transfer and tap on START.

Step 6Reboot the LG phone once the process completed.

Troubleshooting: The phones connected but cannot occur content transfer, certify the phones set USB connection for MTP of File Transfer.

set file transfer

Part 2. Transfer Data from Android/iPhone to LG Phone with Efficiency

Using the method mentioned above to transfer content has a high possibility that you may confront some inevitable problems like incompatible with an old version of Android. Therefore, you can improve the transfer process using FoneLab HyperTrans. It is a versatile and professional program dedicated to transfer contacts, videos, music, images, messages and almost all files from Android/iOS to any phone or computer. This utility works in various mobile operating systems and allows you to easily and quickly copy content to your LG phone.

I am going to walk you through this simple procedure.

Step 1 Download and install HyperTrans on the PC.

hypertrans interface

Step 2Connect your Android/iPhone and LG phone to the same PC.

Step 3Select Android/iPhone as the import device from the drop-down list on the mid-screen.

select import device

Step 4Choose the content you want to transfer from the left-hand side panel.

Step 5 Double-clicking the items to preview and confirm, then select the target content.

choose file to transfer

Step 6Click Export and set your LG phone as the receiver device.

This alternative toolkit has been tested on numerous computers and mobile devices. It will successfully transfer data from any Android to the other without compatible issues.

Get the free trial of HyperTrans and go for a try!

FoneLab HyperTrans
FoneLab HyperTrans

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