Why Image Capture for Mac Does Not Work – 7 Efficient Methods You Should Know

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Aug 31, 2020 16:00 / Posted by Lisa Ou

What should you do if Image Capture for Mac does not work? When you connect the iOS device to your MacBook, you might not find the Image Capture on your MacBook, or there are some error messages. Just learn more about the 7 efficient methods to fix Image Capture for Mac errors, as well as the best alternative from the article.

Why Image Capture for Mac Does Not Work – 7 Efficient Methods You Should Know

1. 6 Best Methods to Fix Image Capture for Mac Errors

Method 1: Remove the Corrupted Photos or Videos

If you cannot find the Image Capture for Mac, you should make sure the photos or videos are not corrupted. Of course, you can simply remove the corrupted image or video in the camera roll, or even the list file in a library on your computer. Especially when you want to import a large amount of photos or videos all at once.

launch image capture for mac

Method 2: Disable iCloud Photo Library

When there is no photo or video showing in Image Capture for Mac, because the media files only stored in the iCloud rather than on your iPhone, you need to disable the iCloud Photo Library option and even Optimize Storage on the iPhone. Then the photos will be downloaded back to the phone and loaded on your MacBook after connection.

turn off icloud photo library

Method 3: Update Mac Operation System

Because of the new HEIC and HEVC format, some old Mac system versions are not compatible with the new iOS system. The media formats cannot be transferred nor opened normally on the Image Capture for Mac running macOS 10.12. You need to check your macOS system and update it to the latest version that is compatible with the iOS device.

update macos

Method 4: Change for Another USB Cable

Of course, change for another USB cable is another problem for Image Capture for Mac not showing up. When you have an error message as Unable to import photos Error 9912, it is caused by the connected USB cable or USB connection between the iPhone and your computer. Simply choose another USB cable to fix the issue or error.

change usb connection

Method 5: New Security and Privacy Requirements

Due to the new security and privacy requirements of macOS Mojave and macOS Catalina, the Image Capture for Mac will error out and fail after connection. Simply go to the System Preferences menu, in the Security & Privacy option, you can grant Image Capture the ability to have “Full Disk Access” to fix the problem.

security privacy

Method 6: Change Permission for Destination Folder

Because the folder or directory to which you are trying to import photos does not have the appropriate settings and permissions, you might get the error message Image Capture error 9934. Make sure that the destination folder and specific directory have permissions so you can write to the folder when you have the Image Capture for Mac error.

change permission

2. How to Transfer Files as Image Capture for Mac Alternative

What should you do if you still cannot transfer the files with Image Capture for Mac? In order to transfer all the media files from iPhone to computer, or vice versa, FoneTrans for iOS is an ultimate phone transfer to move data between different devices with ease. As the alternative of Image Capture for Mac, you not only transfer the media files, but also contacts, messages, voice memos and more. Moreover, you can also manage the contacts, make a ringtone, and even convert HEIC photos.

  1. Transfer photos, videos and others between device and computer.
  2. Sync the desired files for iPhone/iPad/iPod, computer and iTunes.
  3. Manage the desired files, add, edit, delete and even create a playlist.
  4. Automatically make your music and videos compatible with iOS.

Download and install the Image Capture for Mac alternative, launch the program on your MacBook. Connect the iPhone to your MacBook with the original USB cable. When you need to convert the HEIC photos, you can click the Toolbox option.

fonetrans for ios on mac

Choose the file format from the left menu, which you can select photos, music, videos, contacts, messages and others. It will detect and load all the files with different categories. Just select the desired one you want to transfer according to your requirement.

select photos

Once you have selected the desired files, you can click the Export to Mac option to choose the destination folder as the destination location as the alternative of Image Capture for Mac. When the process completes, there will be a popup message.

choose destination

3. FAQs about Image Capture for Mac Problems

1. What Should You Do If Image Capture for Mac Not Work for Camera?

If you cannot transfer the photos and videos from the camera to a MacBook with Image Capture for Mac, you can install the related software to make sure the device is compatible with your Mac. Of course, you can simply connect the SD card to the Mac slot instead.

2. How to Display The Transferred Photos on Image Capture for Mac?

If you like to have an overview of the photos you have stored on your Mac, you have the option to display them together on one contact sheet via Image Capture for Mac. It enables you to generate a sheet without even closing the Image Capture app.

3. How to Take Photos with JPEG Format on Your iPhone?

When you have an error message, such as Image Capture error 9937, you can simply change a setting on your iPhone to fix the problem. On your iPhone and head to the Settings app, choose the Camera option and select the Most Compatible option from the Format option.


When you want to transfer the media files between your iPhone and a Mac via Image Capture for Mac, you might find some transferring problems. Just learn more about the 7 best solutions from the article. FoneTrans for iOS should be the ultimate solution to transfer all media files as the Image Capture for Mac alternative.

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