[4 Methods] Easy Ways to Repair Corrupt PowerPoint File

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Corruption in PowerPoint files is a difficult problem to solve; it may even ruin your important speech. But don't worry about this because we can easily fix corrupt PowerPoint file in a variety of ways.

Also, this article describes how to manually repair corrupted PowerPoint files and use a valid PowerPoint file repair tool. So read the article and choose the best way to fix a corrupted PowerPoint file.

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Repair Corrupt PowerPoint File

1. How to Repair Corrupt PowerPoint File

Method 1: Move the PowerPoint File to another Location

Sometimes move the PowerPoint file to another location is one of the ways to solve the problem that the corrupt file cannot be opened.

Navigate to the folder containing the corrupt PowerPoint file in the Windows Explorer. Copy the corrupt PowerPoint file to another storage media.

If the corrupt PowerPoint file is stored on the hard drive, move it to the USB and if the PowerPoint file is stored on USB drive, move it to the hard drive. Create a new folder on the drive and attempt to move the corrupt PowerPoint file into it.

Open the copied file to a new location. Attempt to run the file from the location where it is recently saved. Next, check the original location for errors. If you run the file from a new location, it implies that the original location has turned corrupt.

Open the Computer, click on My PC from the left pane and right-click the disk that is creating issues. Select Properties, Tools tab, and click on Check Now button available under Error Checking section. Make sure to check both the options and then click on Start to repair corrupt PowerPoint file.

Method 2: Insert Slides to a New PowerPoint File

Open the PowerPoint that is creating issues and try to import the slides to a new PowerPoint file. When the app prompts to open the type of file you want to upload or create, select the Blank Presentation option.

Click on the New Slide button available under the Home tab by clicking on the downward arrow sign. Click on the Reuse Slides option located at the bottom of the menu and a sidebar will appear on the right pane

Repair Corrupt PowerPoint File

Click on the Browse button, then select Browse Files and the file browser window will appear. Select the corrupt PowerPoint file by navigating to the location where the file is saved. Highlight and then click on Open button.

Next, right click on any slide in the preview and then select Reuse All option. Check the imported slides by running the presentation and accessing all the slides one-by-one.

Method 3: Open corrupt PowerPoint File in PowerPoint Viewer

PowerPoint Viewer is a free program offered by Microsoft to access PowerPoint files. The program may enable you to open the corrupt PowerPoint file on your Windows.

Double-click the PowerPoint viewer file to start the installer.

Select the default installation settings and follow the prompts.

Start PowerPoint Viewer from Start menu after installing it.

Next, navigate through the corrupt PowerPoint file and open it in the Viewer.

Method 4: Open PowerPoint in the Safe Mode

Try opening the corrupt PowerPoint file in the Safe Mode. It may not open the file with all the formatting, but opens it in the working mode. You can thereafter edit and format the slides as per requirements. Follow the steps below to repair the corrupt PowerPoint file:

Press Windows + R key and type powerpoint /safe in the search box and press Enter.

Repair Corrupt PowerPoint File

The PowerPoint will launch with new blank PowerPoint file.

Ensure that Safe Mode appears with the name of the file.

Click on File menu and then select Open. Navigate the file and check if it opens in the Safe Mode.

2. Repair Corrupt Excel Files by Using Online Repair Website

If you lost corrupt PowerPoint files and empty the Trash Bin by mistake, then you need to turn to FoneLab Data Retriever for help. The data recovery software can recover the deleted and lost PPT files before data are overwritten.

  1. Recover PPT or PPTX files from deletion, formatted partition, RAW hard drive or other crashed problems.
  2. Recover PowerPoint from Trash Bin, hard drive, memory card, flash drive, and other removable drives.
  3. Use the built-in search engine or the filter feature to find the certain PowerPoint file.
  4. Never store and modify your data during PowerPoint recovery.

Launch FoneLab Data Retriever. Choose Document and select the drive where the lost corrupt PowerPoint file is.

Repair Corrupt PowerPoint File

Click Scan to start scanning your selected disk volume quickly. Choose the PPT or PPTX folder in the left pane. You can manage the scanning results in thumbnail, list or content mode freely.

Repair Corrupt PowerPoint File

Select PPT files you need. Click Recover and set the destination folder. You had better save the recovered corrupt PowerPoint file to a new drive in case of data overwritten.

Repair Corrupt PowerPoint File


Without complicated operation, you can retrieve the missing corrupt PowerPoint files from computer. All you need to do is click a few times.

In addition to PowerPoint file, this software can also recover Excel files in Windows, recover Word files on Windows and other types of files.

If you have any thoughts or Suggestions on file damage or recovery, please let us know in the comments below.

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