Windows Voice Recorder – Best Methods to Record Your Voice on Windows

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When you want to record your voice as memory, a memorable music, some words you hold back from telling others, how to record voice with Windows? If you are using Windows , Windows Voice Recorder is one of the universal programs that are bundled with Windows .

windows voice recorder

Why do you need to record your voice on Windows? It should be easy and convenient to record voice on smartphone now. How to record voice with Windows Voice Recorder and alternatives? If you have the similar questions, you can read on the article to get the answer now.

1. Why You Need to Record Your Voice on Windows

It is easy to use smartphone to record your voice. Why do you choose to record your voice on Windows? When you need to know the reason, you can learn more about the reasons as below.

1. Windows enables recording voice from 3 different channels : Microphone, Line-in audio, and stereo Mix audio files. When you need to record voice dictation headset and TV tuner cards, which has special inputs, Windows might be the only solution.

sound recording tab

2. When you record your voice on Windows, you can only record from one source at a time. As for the case, the recording files can have less noise from other sources. Just image recording music with smartphone, you might record the voice of others as well.

advanced microphone properties

3. Adjust the parameters for the recording sound. If you want to have a better audio quality for the output file, you can adjust the input Microphone Properties or the other devices, such as the audio mode, default format, audio volume and more.

2. How to Record Your Voice on Windows and Its Disadvantages

As the default solution to record your voice on Windows, Windows Voice Recorder is a simple solution. It is available on both Windows computer and smartphone. Just follow the steps to record voice on Windows with Windows Voice Recorder.

Enter the Windows Voice Recorder in the search box, which you can find the shortcut for Voice Recorder in the App list. After that, you can click the application to record your voice.

launch voice recorder

When you launch the program, you can find the Record button in the middle of the screen. Just click the button to start recording your voice on Windows. If you need to pause the recording, you can click the Pause button on the menu bar.

record voice recorder

Note: There is a flag button at the right of the Pause button. When you need to keep a note for the important part or unnecessary part, you can use the flag button to keep a record.

When you record something on Windows , you can click the Stop button in the middle of the screen. Now you can find the recorded files with detailed data and time. Choose the right one and view the files on your computer.

After that, you can trim the record voice files. Since you have already make a flag for the recordings, you can easily make some changes and share them to social media websites with ease.

It is easy to record and edit voice files with Windows Voice Recorder. But there are some disadvantages for the program. You can find the detailed information as below.

  1. It is difficult to adjust the audio format, bitrate, volume, and other settings beforehand. As for the case, you have to convert the audio files, which might lose the original quality.
  2. There is only one Record option in the user interface, which you cannot choose the audio source for recording voice on Windows.
  3. The last and most important reason, Windows Voice Recorder crashes now and then. When you have some important voice for recording, you should think twice beforehand.

3. Use Fonelab to Record Voice on Windows

When you need to take advantage of Windows voice recording, and avoid some disadvantages of Windows Voice Recorder, FoneLab Screen Recorder is a nice solution you cannot miss. It is a versatile screen recorder to record screen, capture audio and take snapshots on both Windows and Mac. Just download the best Windows Voice Recorder alternative to capture audio files flexibly now.

Download and install the latest version of FoneLab Screen Recorder. Launch the program on your computer to record your voice. After that, you need to connect Microphone, or the other devices to your computer to record your voice on Windows.

screen recorder homepage

Settings for the output audio format as well as the audio quality. If you need to record the computer screen or take snapshots, you can also choose a suitable format for the output file. Moreover, you can also use the hotkeys to manage the recording process with ease.


Choose the audio channel, whether you need to record the voice from Microphone, or other professional devices, you can find an option for the device within the program. Select and turn on the Microphone option and disable the System Sound to record your voice on Windows.

audio recorder

Record your voice on Windows. Click the REC button to record the audio files to your computer. Click the Stop option to save the recordings, which you can access within the Media Manager of the program. You can upload the files to social media or other websites directly.

4. Why Choose FoneLab Screen Recorder

Why choose FoneLab Screen Recorder? You might find hundreds of Windows Voice Recorder alternatives. Here are several reasons that FoneLab Screen Recorder is one of the best solutions.

1. It is more than a voice recorder for Windows, which you can record your voice, system sound or the professional audio device. You can also capture screen, take snapshots and recording all onscreen activities of Windows.

2. When you record your voice on Windows, you can get everything as desired, audio format, audio quality, and the other settings. You can set up everything within the program with easy process.

3. Stable is the most important reason that you have to take FoneLab Screen Recorder into consideration. The lightweight program always works as expected.


In order to record your voice on Windows, Windows Voice Recorder is the default solution to capture all audio files, from microphone or system sound. But there are some limitations for the program, especially the crashes issues, which you can find in different forums. In order to record your valuable voice on Windows in a high quality, FoneLab Screen Recorder is the right choice for you. If you have any other query about Windows Voice Recorder and alternatives, you can share more detailed information in the comments.

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