How to Take A Screenshot in Minecraft and Minecraft Screenshot Location [2020]

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Minecraft is a sandbox video game which allows you to build the world during and adventure of limitless possibilities. And you can download and play this game on mobile phone, PC, Mac, Xbox One and others.

As one of the most popular games on the market, Minecrast screenshot has different requests to take a screenshot for gameplay. It is a piece of cake for minecraft players who have got its point.

How to Take A Screenshot in Minecraft and Minecraft Screenshot Location [2020]

This is a post to show you detailed steps to take Minecraft screenshots on computer, mobile phone, Xbox One and more correctly. And you can get an ultimate tool to snapshot Minecraft or record Minecraft video with audio effecitvely. Why not download and have a try now!

1. How to Take a Screenshot on Minecraft

You can find the right method to screenshot Minecraft on Windows, Mac, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, iPhone and Android in the following parts.

How to Take Screenshots on Minecraft Windows 10

Windows 10 is the newest operating system for PC, most users have chosen an updating already. As you might know, it has new features to take screenshot and record screen. But how to screenshot in Minecraft without lag.

How to Take a Screenshot in Minecraft Windows 10

Holding Windows button and G simultaneously, then click camera icon to take screenshot on Minecraft.

windows and g

How to Take Screenshot in Minecraft on Windows 8

Press F2 to take screenshots in Minecraft.

How to Screenshot in Minecraft on Windows 7

Press Print Screen button on keyboard or press F2 to take a screenshot. You are allowed to press F1 to hide heads-up display elements and F3 to show the debug screen.

Minecraft Fullscreen on Windows

If you want to snapshot fullscreen for Minecraft, you can easily press F11 button on keyboard to enter fullscreen mode. Then you can select one of the above-mentioned methods to take a screenshot of fullscreen.

Screenshot Minecraft on Mac

Mac users should check below tutorial to take screenshots on Mac.

Press Shift + Cmd + 4 or Fn + 2 at the same time to take a screenshot. You can use F1 to hide the health bar, hunger bar, experience bar, etc. Or F3 or show the coordinates, entity count, and others.

shift cmd and 4

How to Make a Picture in Minecraft on Xbox One

Xbox One has its own screenshot way as below.

On your controller, tap the Xbox button twice. Press Y to take a screenshot.

xbox one button

How to Screenshot on Minecraft on PS4

If you are playing games on PS4, you can click Share button and then choose an option to take a screenshot on Minecraft.

ps4 share button

How to Take Screenshots in Minecraft on Nintendo Switch

Click the Minecraft screenshot button with a camera icon on the left to take a screenshot.

nintendo camera icon

There are tons of mobile phone games on market as people won’t always sit on the table and play games at home. For people who prefer to play games on their iPhone or Android phones, how to take a screenshot with ease?

How Do You Take Screenshots in Minecraft on iPhone

iPhone is one of the most popular mobile phones during the young people. Below are the correct steps to screenshot iPhone screen.

iPhone with Touch ID

iPhone models with touch should use its Home button to take a screenshot: Press Power + Home button at the same time.

iPhone with Face ID

If your iPhone has Face ID, you should press Power + Volume Up button at the same time.

screenshot iphone

How to Screenshot Minecraft on Android

If you are an Android user, you should follow below instructions to take screenshots in Android Minecraft.

Press Power + Volume Down buttons simultaneously. You can also try to press and hold the Power button, then select Screenshot to screenshot in Minecraft.

android screenshot

You can find the Minecraft screenshots on the top of the Android phone sccreen.

How to Screenshot Minecraft with FoneLab Screen Recorder

FoneLab Screen Recorder is more than a video recorder for you. It can also help you take a screenshot on Windows or Mac, record screen with audio, record webcame, create online course, record online meetings and more. Below is how to screenshot Minecraft with it.

Download and install FoneLab Screen Recorder on computer. You can choose the right version from official site. Then it will be launched automatically.

Select Snapshot from the 3 mode on the interface.

run fonelab

Choose the area you want. Click Save icon.

screenshot on hp with fonelab

What’s more, FoneLab Screen Recorder has a 30-day free trial now, you can download and have a try.

2. Where to Find Minecraft Screenshots

“Where are my minecraft screenshots?” Where do minecraft screenshots go is one of the most frequented-asked questions after snapshot. It might not difficult to find minecraft screenshot folder if you are familiar with it. But most users still wanna know where does Minecraft saves screenshots.

Below are the minecraft screenshot folder locations.

How to Access Minecraft Screenshots on PC/JAVA

It is easy to find the screenshot folder on PC or JAVA.

Input %appdata% in the windows search bar, press Enter button.

Choose .minecraft folder > Foaming > Screenshots.

pc minecraft folder

How to See Minecraft Screenshots on Mac

You can find the screenshots on desktop directly.

How to Find Your Minecraft Screenshots in PS4

Click Home screen > Library > Applications > Capture Gallery.

ps4 folder

How to Find Your Minecraft Screenshots in Nintendo Switch

Select HOME Menu > Album.

How to Find Your Minecraft Screenshots in Xbox One

If you want to find your Minecraft screenshots, go to, log in your Xbox live account, and click Captures to find them.

xbox live

How to View Minecraft Screenshots on iPhone/Android

Screenshots will be saved in Photos or Gallery album.

android nintendo screenshot of minecraft

That’s all about screenshot minecraft. If you also want to know how to record minecraft, you can also try FoneLab Screen Recorder as you are enabled to record minecraft screen on computer without lag. Please leave comments below if you have more questions about it.

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