How to Record Lync Meetings and Calls


June 03, 2020 09:00 / Posted by Lisa Ou

Microsoft Lync is a very popular conversation platform that allows users to make online meetings, make video and audio calls and send instant messages. Even though the Skype for Business had already replaced the Microsoft Lync since 2015, lots of people are still using the Lync 2013 for visual conference and work-flow communication.

How to Record Lync Meetings and Calls

Lync offers a built-in recorder for users to record the Lync meeting. Do you know how to record Lync meeting or calls? You may feel difficult to organize and record a Lync meeting, conversion or video audio call due to the platform. Here in this post, we will share 2 ways to help you record Lync meeting with ease.

1. Common Way to Record Lync Meeting or Conversation

Before you record a Lync meeting or conversion, you need a hosted Lync 2013 account with Sherweb. Moreover, the Microsoft Lync 2013 client should be installed on your PC and configured for your account. Then you can take the following guide to record Lync meeting.

When you are having a Lync meeting, you can click the  icon in the bottom-right corner and then select the Start Recording option.

start recording lync meeting

After choosing the recording option, all participants will get a notification that you are recording the Lync meeting content.

lync meeting recording prompt

You can handily Pause, Start or Stop the Lync meeting recording process with the provided control buttons. When you stop a recording, the captured meeting file will be automatically saved and added to Microsoft Lync Recording Manager. The recorded Lync meeting file will be saved in MP4 format.

Click the  icon again and then choose the Manage Recordings option.

manage lync meeting recordings

When you enter the Microsoft Lync Recording Manager, you can see the recorded Lync file listed there. Right click on it and then choose to play, browse, rename or delete it, or copy the file location.

play recorded lync meeting

If you want to better manage or play the recorded Lync meeting file, you can click on the Publish button. Then you will enter a Save and Publish window. Here you can rename the file and save it to another place on your computer. Click OK to confirm the operation.

save recorded lync meeting

It will take some time to complete the process. You can see a completion status in the Status column. After that, you can go to the copied Lync meeting file and then play or edit it easily.

2. Professional Way to Record Lync Meeting with High Quality PC

With the method above, you can record a Lync meeting with ease. However, many users complain that the low resolution of 800×600 recording and 10 fps frame rate are not necessary for sufficient quality. What’s worse, the output Lync recording size is so large. So here comes the question, is there any simple way to record Lync meeting with higher quality and smaller file size?

Here we sincerely recommend a professional Lync meeting and call recording software, FoneLab Screen Recorder to help you record your Lync conversion and meeting with higher output quality. It has the capability to record a Lync meeting and save it in any popular format you need, such as MP4, MOV, WMV, FLV and more. Just free download it and have a try.

Double click the download button above to free install and run this Lync meeting recording software on your computer.

Use the Video Recorder feature to record your Lync meeting. As you can see, if you only need the audio track, you can choose the Audio Recorder option.

lync recorder interface

To record a Lync meeting, you should first custom the recording area based on your need. Then you can turn on the System Sound and Microphone to record audio and your voice. If you don’t want your voice, you can turn off the Microphone here. Then you can enable or disable the Webcam feature according to your need.

recording settings

Click REC button to start the Lync meeting recording process. You are given all control of the recording. When the meeting is over, you can click the Stop button to stop the recording process.

You are allowed to preview and edit the recorded Lync meeting file. If you are satisfied with the recording result, here you can click Save button to save it on your computer. It will be automatically saved as an MP4 file by default. If you want another output format, you can go to the Preferences and custom it. This powerful Lync meeting recorder provides a high-quality way to record online meeting.

3. FAQs of Recording Lync Meeting

Question 1. What is Lync recording manager?

Microsoft Lync Recording Manager is a tool which used to manage the Lync conversations and your recorded meeting files. You can easily click … icon to access it.

Question 2. Where are Lync recordings saved?

The Lync meeting recordings are saved in the Videos folder > Lync Recordings by default. You can change the Lync recording folder in the Lync Recording Manager.

Question 3. How do I edit Lync recordings?

In fact, you are not offered real editing features in Lync. You are only allowed to rename, copy, delete the Lync recordings in the Lync Recording Manager. When you get there, you can right-click on the recording file and edit it.

After reading this page, you can get 2 effective ways to record Lync meeting. If you are not satisfied with the output quality of the Lync built-in recorder, you can choose the recommended Screen Recorder. If you have any better methods to record the Lync meeting or conversion, please share it in the comment with other readers.

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