How to Crop MP4 Files – 6 Best Methods You Should Know

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Feb 03, 2020 17:00 / Posted by Lisa Ou

In order to trim or crop MP4 into a small size for an email, cut out the desired part, or upload to social media sites, you can find dozens of MP4 croppers with ease. What should be the recommended one to get a satisfied result with ease? The article shares 6 practical methods to crop MP4 files on Windows and Mac with high efficiency.

How to Crop MP4 Files – 6 Best Methods You Should Know

1. Why Need to Trim MP4 Files

When you know the reasons to trim or crop MP4 files, you can choose the desired MP4 trimmer with ease. Here are the main reasons that you need to trim MP4 files.

  1. Draw attention of your audience. In order to draw your viewers and set them up to be engaged and stick with the rest of the MP4 files, you have to make sure the MP4 files are attractive and short.
  2. File limitations for different scenarios. When you need to send the MP4 files via Email, you have to compress and crop MP4 videos to a certain limited size, such as the 20MB for most of the Email servers.
  3. Cut out the desired part of the MP4. If you need to focus on the main object in the video, you have to cut out the object from the MP4 and extract the desired part from the video with ease.

2. Best Method to Trim and Crop MP4 Videos

If you need to crop MP4 for different scenarios, split the video file or cut out the desired part, FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate is a versatile MP4 trimmer that enables you to convert the video files, trim and merge different video clips and apply various video filters with ease.

  1. Merge, trim and crop the large MP4 files into different clips.
  2. Cut out the desired part of the MP4 video with ease.
  3. Convert the videos and DVD files to MP4 format.
  4. Enhance and improve the video quality of conversion.

Download and install MP4 trimmer

Once you have installed the MP4 trimmer, you can launch the program on your computer. Click the Add File menu to select and load the MP4 files you want to trim into the program.

video converter interface

Split and crop the MP4 into clips

Select the video and click the Trim menu, you can select the start point and the endpoint from the timeline. Click the Split button to crop MP4 files into different clips with the desired size.

clip videos

Cut out the desired part from MP4

Go to the Edit menu and choose the Crop option to crop the MP4 file. You can enter the aspect ratio, position of crop area and other parameters to cut out the desired part of the MP4 file.

crop video format

Export the cropped MP4 files

After that, you can click Browse button to choose the destination folder. Click the Convert button to export the cropped MP4 files. You can find the output folder from the Open Folder button.

3. Top 5 MP4 Trimmer to Crop MP4 Files

Top 1: Online Video Cutter

If you just need to crop the MP4 into different clips, Online Video Cutter is always a nice option. Moreover, you can also edit and make changes for free completely with ease.


  1. Frame the video to the desired area or change frame proportions.
  2. Choose the quality and format of the output cropped MP4 file.
  3. Rotate your video 90, 180 or 270 degrees in different modes.


  1. Cut and crop the MP4 videos within 500MB limitation only.
  2. Difficult to download the cropped videos from online browser.
online video cutter

Top 2: Lightworks

Lightworks is another free MP4 trimmer with the complete video creation package. Whether you need to crop the MP4 videos, or make video for social media sites, it should be the desired one.


  1. Provide a timeline to edit and trim the MP4 video with ease.
  2. Wide file format support including variable frame rate media.
  3. Export the MP4 files to YouTube/Vimeo, SD/HD, up to 4K files.


  1. Limited to 720P web-resolution without upgrading to the paid version.
  2. No support for Mac menu options, contextual menu shortcuts.

Top 3: Free Video Cutter

Just as the name of the MP4 trimmer, Free Video Cutter offers multiple free customization options to modify the order of the clips, adjust the video output, such as volume, quality, bitrate and more.


  1. Cut and crop the MP4 videos into one or more segments easily.
  2. Preview the original video and the output within the video player.
  3. Completely free MP4 cropper without watermark or extra codecs.


  1. It is only limited to a number of video and audio formats.
  2. Do not support the Mac version or advanced editing features.
free video cutter

Top 4: Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter is a handy MP4 cropper that enables you to converts, cut, trim, split and merge MP4 files. Moreover, you can also download the videos from online streaming sites.


  1. Support MP4, MOV, MKV and more other audio/video formats.
  2. Crop, split and merge the video clips according to requirements.
  3. Import the audio track and subtitles to the file conversion.


  1. Sensitive control and cannot convert the video with a fast speed.
  2. Stability is not good enough that will produce scramble results.

Top 5: YT Cutter

When you need to crop an MP4 video from YouTube or online streaming sites, YT Cutter is the desired MP4 trimmer. Just enter the URL of the video, you can extract the favourite scenes from YouTube video.


  1. Trim and download the MP4 files from the YouTube online movie.
  2. Save the cropped MP4 clips into your computer within clicks.
  3. High cropping precision to 0.1seconds to cut the desired part only.


  1. Support the online MP4 video cropping from YouTube website only.
  2. Upgrade to a paid account if you need to crop video with 20 minutes.
yt cutter


When you need to convert the WVE files into MP4, you can learn more about the 2 efficient methods from the article. FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate is the video converter that turns the Wondershare Video Editor projects into MP4 format. Of course, you can also use the other online video converters to get the desired output with ease.

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