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Google Chrome is a good web browser for Android users. It helps people to keep and manage important and precious pages and information. But can I sync all my bookmarks from my new phone to my new one? The answer is Yes. Therefore, this article shares 6 approaches to export Android chrome bookmarks.

export android chrome bookmark

1. Export Android Chrome Bookmarks Directly

If you were using the same Chrome account on both your PC and Android phone, the bookmarks will be synced automatically. It is the easiest method to export Android Chrome bookmarks.

Launch the Chrome on your Android phone.

Tap the menu button at the top left side, and click Settings and then choose Sign into Chrome to enter your Google account.

Head to Settings and tap Sync then check the bookmarks on your Android phone.

Turn on your PC and open the Chrome browser and login the same Google account then your Android Chrome bookmarks will be synced.

Click Menu to skip to Bookmarks and select Bookmark Manager.

Click Organize menu and select Export bookmarks to export Android Chrome bookmarks as an HTML file.

2. 5 Best software to Backup & Export Android Chrome Bookmark

There are five third-party software help to export Android Chrome bookmarks. Let's check them out!

sync bookmark via bookmark manager

Top 1: Bookmark Manager

Bookmark Manager is a simple app to manage Chrome bookmarks on Android devices. It is able to organize your bookmarks by date or title. Moreover, you can export Chrome bookmarks on Android to SD card for backup.

transfer files from phone to tablet by dropbux

Install the bookmark manager app, and launch it on your Android phone.

Open the app and sort your bookmarks by date or title.

Go to the menu screen and select the backup option. Make sure your Android phone has an SD card with large storage and export the Chrome bookmarks to SD card.

If you want to recover your bookmarks, you just need to select the restore option and choose the latest backup file on your SD card.

Top 2: Bookmark Sort & Backup

Bookmark Sort & Backup is another app to sort and backup Android chrome bookmarks. It enables you to export Android Chrome bookmarks to HTML files. It is compatible with a wide range of mobile devices.

export bookmarks by bookmark sort backup

Open the bookmark manager app after you have downloaded it from Google Play Store.

After all Chrome bookmarks have been scanned and presented, you can sort your bookmarks out with the upward and downward buttons at the bottom.

Then tap Backup on the bottom then enter a file name and select a folder to save the html file.

Note: For Android 3.0 and 4.0 versions, this app should not be used if you have enabled the bookmark sync feature in Google Chrome app.

Top 3: Bookmark Folder

Bookmark Folder is a versatile bookmark manager app for Android devices. It allows you to manage and export Chrome bookmarks on Android by folder. Moreover, it offers more custom options, such as setting the background color, text color and size and icon size for each bookmark.

bookmark folder interface

Launch the Chrome bookmark manager on Android. It allows you to exchanges free features with ads.

Go to the History tab from the top of the interface and check all Chrome bookmarks on your Android device.

Then you can manually export Android Chrome bookmarks by making a backup file. Moreover, you can set up the automatic backup feature.

Note: This app is available to Android 4.0 or above, but only Android 5 or less can import bookmarks to the default browser.

Top 4: can collect articles, photos, movies and pages from the Internet. The exporting Android Chrome bookmark feature helps you to share your collection and preference with your friends and families quickly. interface

Open on Android and login your account and export Chrome bookmarks to the app.

Then access on your PC.

Click Export Bookmark on the left side and tap Send email on the right side. Then you can export Android Chrome bookmarks as an email attachment.

Open your email and download the attachment file.

Top 5: Diigo

Diigo is another bookmark app to export Android Chrome bookmarks to cloud. You can access your bookmarks on any devices. Moreover, you can add notes and customize your bookmarks on Android device easily

diigo interface

Download and log in your account.

Then import bookmarks from Google Chrome and they will be sent to the cloud server. Plus, you can edit your bookmarks with the app.

Visit and log in the same account.

Export your bookmarks by hitting Export and then Export Android Chrome bookmarks as HTML file.

If you are looking for a method to export Chrome bookmarks on Android, you should get what you want from this post. First of all, Google Chrome Sync is a simple way to export your bookmarks directly. But it is only available when you are using Chrome on both phone and PC. Fortunately, there are some third-party bookmark manager apps for you. The article shares the review and guides for these bookmark managers. Just select the desired app according to your requirements.

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