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Sept 24, 2020 09:00 / Posted by Lisa Ou

Some people reported that the image of screen will delay or stuck when they are recording screen, that also means that recording screen gets lagging.

It can be a nightmare as it is a really annoying record screen with lag so that what you have done on your screen will not be captured. As a result, you have to repeat what you have done again and again.

Screen Recorder No Lag

The key to solving this problem is to use a screen recorder that doesn’t lag. This is why we need to introduce effective methods to capture screen video with audio in this post. You will learn how to choose screen recorder no lag and which is the best choice for you.

1. Why Does Screen Recorder Run Slow and Have Lags

Before we dive in, we need to introduce why cause screen recording lags. As you know, device with low specification or incompatible settings which can lead to overload RAM or CPU. Below are 3 main reasons.

  1. Computer with poor configuration.
  2. Wrong or incompatible computer or recording settings.
  3. Poor performance of screen recorder.

Therefore, you should choose a desktop computer rather than a laptop or just reduce video resolution to record screen without lag.

Then, you can move to the next parts to get Windows or Mac screen recorder no lag.

2. Best No Lag Screen Recorder PC

First of all, you should try FoneLab Screen Recorder, which is a simple yet powerful tool to help you capture screen without lag. No matter you want to record gameplay, online meetings, create online course and more, it will be the best choice.

Moreover, it enables you to add annotations during recording procedure, so you can easily leave remarks on videos to make your video looks more vivid and professional. You can even schedule a recording task on computer when you are not available.

In addition, it is available for both Windows and Mac, you can easily check below instructional steps if you want to learn how to use it.

Go to the official site and click Download button on the top of the page. Then follow the instructions to install it on computer. It will be launched automatically after that.

Choose Video Recorder on the main interface. Then you can toggle on the buttons to enable system sound or microphone if you want.

launch fonelab screen recorder

Moreover, you can also record webcam if you want to capture all webcam activities.

Click stop icon once done. Then you will be asked to choose a folder to save the recordings.

save the recording video

Well, you can see that it is easy to use as you don’t even configure the settings before recording as they are all ready when they come with the program. But you can also adjust the preferences of output, mouse, hotkeys and many others accordingly if you want.

Want more choices? Just move on.

3. No Lag Screen Recorder Free or Paid

As you know, there are still other options you can try on the market. However, each of them has its own features, we just handpicked a list of the worth-trying paid or free screen recorder no lag below, that they won’t be ranked in particular order.

OBS Studio

An entirely free screen recorder you should not miss is OSB Studio. It can capture screen video, microphone on Windows for offline watching, sharing and more. OBS is an ideal option for people who want to find an open-source screen recorder without causing lagging.

More importantly, OBS records screen with both GPU and CPU without lag on computer. It helps you create lag-free videos with ease.

However, you should note that it is unable to record system sound from computer and it’s a few complicated to use it for green hand.


As you know, live game streaming develops rapidly, it is recommended that gamer can upload the recorded gameplay on YouTube, Twitch, Steam and many other different platforms for friends and audiences. In order to make it more convenient to capture game screen, Bandicam chose Game as one of the main modes on the interface. So you can begin recording gameplay from the interface directly without complicated operations.

In addition to Gameplay recorder, it also can be your online meeting recorder, streaming audio recorder, anime recorder, etc without lag.

After reviewing these products, you can clearly understand each of them has advantages to fulfill the requests to capture screen with no lag. It is obvious that they still have different shortcomings which can be an overkill for people who also need additional functions while recording.

As can be seen, when you are looking for a reliable program, FoneLab Screen Recorder is the best choice to be your lag-free recorder. Why not download and record screen without lag now!

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