3 Ways to Bypass Forgotten iPhone Passcode without Losing Data

Lisa Ou

Dec 08, 2020 16:00 / Posted by Lisa Ou

If you forget the iPhone lock screen passcode, you cannot turn on your iPhone temporarily. You are locked out of the iPhone due to the password forgotten. To regain access to your iPhone, you need to bypass iPhone passcode. Otherwise, your iPhone is just a piece of useless brick.

3 Ways to Bypass Forgotten iPhone Passcode without Losing Data

Now here comes the question, what you can do to fix a locked iPhone? This article introduces 3 iPhone passcode unlocking methods. You can use third-party iPhone unlocking software, iTunes, and Siri to get your iPhone unlocked successfully. Just read and follow.

1. How to Bypass iPhone Passcode without iTunes

If you want to get the highest success rate, FoneLab iOS Unlocker is your first choice. the entire iPhone passcode unlocking process is easy to operate. You can follow the on-screen wizard to remove the iPhone lock screen passcode with ease. All you need to do is connecting your iPhone to the computer.

Later, do as the on-screen iPhone passcode bypass instruction to regain your iPhone. Also, you need to provide your Apple ID and password. It can prove that you are the real owner of this locked iPhone. Well, here’re the main features of the iOS passcode removal tool.

  1. Bypass iPhone passcode in 4-digit and 6-digit with the highest success rate.
  2. Remove the forgotten passcode from your locked, disabled, or second-hand iPhone.
  3. Compatible with the latest iPhone 12 and iOS 14 devices.
  4. Safe, clean, and easy to use.

Launch FoneLab iOS Unlocker after the installation. Choose Wipe Passcode to bypass passcode from iPhone.

unlock interface

Click Start in the Wipe Passcode screen. Connect the iPhone to your computer with a lightning USB cable.

connect iphone wipe passcode

Check the detected iPhone information. Click Start to confirm and move on. The program will start downloading the firmware package immediately.

confirm device information

Click Unlock to make your passcode forgotten iPhone unlocked.

firmware downlaoded successfully

In the Unlock confirmation screen, enter 0000 into the required place. At last, click Unlock to bypass iPhone passcode without iTunes or fingerprint.

unlock confirmation

2. How to Bypass iPhone Passcode by Restoring

iTunes can be your free iPhone unlocking tool. You can use iTunes to bypass the iPhone passcode for free. Before unlocking iPhone, you need to update iTunes to the latest version on your Windows or Mac computer. Later, you can restore iPhone with iTunes to bypass iPhone screen passcode. However, this method does not work if you have enabled Find My iPhone before.

Open iTunes. Use a lightning USB cable to connect the iPhone to your computer.

Put your iPhone into recovery mode. For iPhone 8 and later iOS devices, quickly hold and press the Volume Up and then Volume Down button. Later, hold and press the Top button until the recovery mode screen appears. (To bypass iPhone 7 passcode, you need to press the Top and Volume Down buttons at the same time to put iPhone into the recovery mode instead.)

iTunes can recognize your iPhone automatically. Click Restore in the popping-up notification.

Choose Restore Backup in the iTunes Summary section. Now, you can unlock your iPhone with iTunes.

unlock iphone with itunes

3. How to Bypass iPhone Passcode with Siri

For iOS 8.0 to iOS 10.1 users, you can get one more iPhone lock screen removal choice. To be more specific, you can bypass iPhone passcode for free without data loss. There is no need to restore iPhone to remove the screen password. Just ask Siri and do the following iPhone passcode bypass process.

Press the Home button on your iPhone to activate Siri.

Ask Siri a question, like “Hey Siri, what time is it?”. Tap the on-screen clock icon to access World Clock.

Tap the + icon and search for something on the top search engine.

Copy and share the selected text to Message.

Press the Home button to minimize the iMessage window. You will be lead to the iPhone home screen directly. That can be regarded as a free iPhone passcode bypass way as well.

unlock iphone with siri

4. FAQs of Bypassing iPhone Passcode

Can you bypass iPhone passcode without losing data?

Yes. Use iTunes, iCloud, or other backup tools to make a copy first. Even though you need to remove the forgotten passcode and factory reset the iPhone, you can still get back those iPhone files.

Can you bypass iPhone passcode with fingerprint?

Yes. You can bypass passcode lock screen on your iPhone by fingerprint. Just make sure there is Touch ID support on your iOS device.

Can you unlock an iPhone without knowing the passcode?

Yes. You can erase iPhone or use Fonelab iOS Unlocker to delete the passcode. Be aware that you need to complete the setup process after unlocking. So back up important iPhone files first.

That’s all to bypass iPhone passcode with or without a computer. You can restore iPhone with iTunes to remove the screen lock password. By asking Siri, you can unlock earlier iPhone devices running between iOS 8.0 and iOS 10.1. The most recommended iPhone passcode removal tool is FoneLab iOS Unlocker. You can bypass screen lock password on any iPhone and iOS version. Just free download it and have a try right now.

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