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Repair Corrupted Image Online – JPG Repair and Recovery

Each type of file can be corrupted for a variety of reasons. The cause of the corrupted is sometimes difficult to find. When the picture is corrupted, people want to fix it. But now most of the repair tools need to be downloaded and installed, and they also cost a lot of money, so how useful is it to save money on a website that repairs corrupted images online for free.

In addition, if you want to know more about how to repair corrupted files, you can refer to the following article.

Repair Corrupted Image Online data retriever

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1Free Online Website of Corrupted JPG Repair

Office Recovery Online : A free website that can repair corrupted images online, although the number of batch fixes is limited. If you are looking for a freely available online solution to repair your photos, then you can give Office Recovery Online a try.

Website link: out icon

Just visit its website, load the corrupted image, and start the repair process. Yes, it's that simple, if you want to perform batch recovery, you can simply download the Office Offline Recovery Suite. Also, if you want to fix multiple photos, then you need to purchase a paid subscription for it.

If you cross the limit or would like to perform a batch recovery, then you can buy its subscription. For instance, it costs $59 for 30 jobs, $99 for 100 jobs, and so on.

Repair Corrupted Image Online



Using Office Recovery Online is extremely easy. It doesn’t matter if you have a Mac, Windows, or even a smartphone – the process is same for every device. Since it is a web-based solution, it works on all the platforms and can be accessed via a web browser. To use it, just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Just go to the official Office Recovery image repair page right here. Click on the Choose File button to upload any photo.

Step 2: This will launch a browser window so that you can visit the location where the respective photo is saved. Select any JPEG file and load it. Remember, you can only open one file at a time.

Repair Corrupted Image Online

Step 3: Simply wait for a while as your image would be loaded by the application. It will start repairing the corrupt image by applying its sophisticated algorithm.

Repair Corrupted Image Online

2Recover Lost image by Using FoneLab Data Retriever

FoneLab Data Retriever is an image recovery you should try to get back the lost files with ease.

data retriever screenshot

FoneLab Data Retriever

FoneLab Data Retriever - Recover Deleted or Lost Formatted Files.

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In order to help you recover images from Windows, here are the detailed steps you should follow:

Step 1: Get the image recovery software.

You can download and install FoneLab Data Retriever on your computer. If you want to recover images from SD Card, make sure to plug your SD card into your computer. Next, launch the application to continue.

Repair Corrupted Image Online

Step 2: Check the desired files on your Windows.

Select what data types that you want to recover. Here we select Image. If you are not sure, tick the checkbox next to Check All File Types. Then locate the Removable Drives area and select the name of your Windows or SD card. Click the Scan button to start recovering deleted files.

Repair Corrupted Image Online

Step 3: Retrieve images from Windows.

After the scanning result window shows up, move to the left-hand column, and go to the Image tab. All the deleted pictures are organized by formats on the right pane. Find and choose the pictures you’d like to get back, and then click on the Recover button.

Repair Corrupted Image Online


If you want to know more about formatted image on Windows, you can refer to formatted image recovery on Windows.

FoneLab Data Retriever is a powerful and easy-to-use data recovery software. In addition to restoring various file data, it has a 30-day free trial. Download it now and try it out.

If you have any questions, wishes or you would like to share your experience in repairing image and recovering data, don’t hesitate to leave a comment we will answer it for sure.

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