How to Export iPhone Contacts to Computer [3 Effective Ways]


Dec 26, 2018 09:00 / Posted by Boey Wong

Hi, I have a question hope that I can find the answer from you guys. I want to backup contacts on iPhone, preferably in a printed list. I figured out a way to do that is to merge my phone contacts with my Google Contacts on my PC, but I do not want to merge my Gmail Contacts into my phone as there are hundreds of contacts there I don’t need on my iPhone. So I have no idea what to do now. Is there a better way to export all contacts from iPhone without making a big mess?

The built-in Contact app on your iPhone plays a very important role as it masters your entire address book which includes phone number, contact name, email, address and a whole lot more. That means if your contacts get deleted or lost for some other reasons, you must be very depressed and fretful.

export iphone contact to computer

Therefore, it’s extremely necessary to make a backup of your iPhone contacts and probably not a good idea to have your contact in only one place. I suggest that you should copy your iPhone contacts to computer or any external disk as well. Better safe than sorry, right?

1. Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Computer with iCloud

iCloud is a method you can use to manage iOS data without USB connection.

First of all, you need to backup iPhone contacts to iCloud through Settings > User name > iCloud > Contacts.

And then go to iCloud.comlink out, and then log in your account. Finally export contacts and save them to computer with ease.

icloud website

2. Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Computer with iTunes

iTunes should be another Apple way you can try on computer with USB cable.

Download and install iTunes on computer, and then launch it.

Click device icon > Summary > Back Up Now.

Sync iPhone to Computer

3. Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Computer with FoneTrans

Then you may wander how to export contacts from iPhone to computer?

Don’t worry, FoneTrans for iOS allows you to access your iPhone contact data on your computer and export or copy that information as you like. Just drag and drop or bulk exporting you can instantly backup specific contacts or all contacts in a snap.

How to Export Contacts from iPhone

FoneTrans for iOS empowers you to transfer iPhone contacts to computer as a .vcf file, multiple vCard files or .csv file without any information loss. Read this to learn about how to extract music from iPhone.

Why not download the program with below link and follow the step by step guide to have a try now?

Install FoneTrans for iOS after downloaded and then the program will automatically open when finished the installation. Plug your iPhone into your computer with a USB cable. Do not run your iTunes when using this program in order to avoid any automatic sync.

Connect your iPhone to computer

Wait for the software to detect your device and you will get as blow window showing result once it is recognized. You are allowed to backup or transferPhotos, Music, Videos, Contacts, Others selectively to PC. Click Contacts on the left.

scan iPhone Contacts

You can view the basic information on the right window. In this section, you can also edit your iPhone contacts like add or delete information and create iPhone contact groups.

export iPhone Contacts

Select the needed contacts or all contacts and click Export/Import - Export Selected Contacts - to vCard file (you can choose whatever formats you want here). After that, you are asked to select a location for the selected contacts on your computer. Click OK to complete the whole process.

export iPhone Contacts

You will notice that using this method, you can export your iPhone contacts to PC or Mac selectively ( if you are Mac user, just download the program with the providing link that is compatible with Mac but the operation is similar). Also you will find that you can import contacts from Outlook, Gmail and CSV file to your iPhone too.

Apart from contacts, you are able to transfer other files including photos, SMS, and other media files etc. between iOS device and computer. Don’t worry about your contacts will disappear on your iPhone after transferring them to computer with FoneTrans, they are still stored safely on your phone.

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