Best MP4 to MOV Converter to Convert MP4 Files to MOV Quickly

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Though MP4 is one of the popular video formats, you still need to convert MP4 to MOV in some cases. Because the MOV format is more compatible with Apple devices and programs. To compete the MP4 to MOV conversion, you need to prepare a video converter. This article will show you 2 MP4 to MOV converters. Thus, you can convert MP4 to MOV videos online and offline freely.

Best MP4 to MOV Converter to Convert MP4 Files to MOV Quickly

1. What Are MOV and MP4

If you want to figure out the MOV and MP4 format completely, you can continue reading to get the detailed introduction.

What is MOV

MOV is known as QuickTime File format. It is a multimedia container file format developed by Apple. Thus, many people regard MOV as an Apple QuickTime Movie file format. The MOV format is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. MOV files commonly use the MPEG-4 codec and Apple’s proprietary compression. You can use MOV to save movies and other video clips.

What is MP4

MP4 is the abbreviation of MPEG-4 Part14. It is a digital multimedia container format for storing video, audio, subtitle and still image. Though MP4 is a lossy format, you can get pretty good video quality and small file size. So MP4 files are popular with iPod, PSP and other portable devices.

2. What Are the Differences

Then what is the difference between MP4 and MOV? Since you want to convert video from MP4 to MOV, there must something useful you can get from the MOV format. This section mainly talks about MP4 VS MOV. You can know whether MP4 or MOV is better.

Even though MP4 is quite popular, MOV is still the first choice for Mac users. Because MOV is the proprietary Apple file format for QuickTime, while MP4 uses the international standard. Compared with MP4, videos in MOV will be in larger file sizes. You can get higher video quality from MOV files. Therefore, it would be easier to edit videos on Mac in the .mov extension. For non-Apple users, MP4 is also a good choice.

3. How to Convert MP4 to MOV on Windows/Mac/Online

For Windows and Mac users, you can use MP4 to MOV converter software or online MP4 converters. As for iOS and Android users, it is convenient to use an online MP4 to MOV converter. You can convert files from .mp4 to .mov without installing extra apps. Now let’s start to convert MP4 files to MOV on your phone or computer.

Way 1: How to Convert MP4 to MOV on Windows and Mac

If you want to convert large MP4 files to MOV, using FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate is the fastest solution. You can batch convert MP4 to MOV and other 1000+ formats offline with 60x faster speed on your computer. Moreover, it is more than a simple MP4 to MOV converter. You can crop, trim, merge, rotate, watermark and apply other video editing tools. It is also supported to enhance video quality and edit video effects before the MP4 to MOV conversion.

  1. Convert MP4 to MOV without losing quality.
  2. Batch conversion support with the NVIDIA, Intel and AMD acceleration technology.
  3. Edit MP4 videos by trimming, merging, cropping, watermarking, etc.
  4. Adjust output video settings, including video encoder, frame rate, resolution, aspect ratio and bitrate.
  5. The MP4 to MOV converter software works with Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP and Mac OS X 10.6 or above.   
  6. Clean, safe and easy to use.

Run FoneLab Video Recorder Ultimate. Click Add File to import MP4 files into the MP4 to MOV video converter software.

video converter ultimate

Click the Profile button. Browse and select MOV from General Video and other categories.

choose mp4 format

Click Settings besides to adjust video and audio settings. You can keep original or choose from premade options.

tweak parameters

At last, click Convert to complete the MP4 to MOV conversion. The MOV converter will show you the elapsed time and total progress bar near the bottom.

Way 2: How to convert MP4 to MOV Online

There are many online MP4 to MOV converters you can get, such as Zamzar, Convertio, Online Convert, FileZigZag, Cloudconvert, etc. Compared with VLC, HandBrake and other MP4 to MOV converter freeware, you can convert MP4 files on any platform without installing anything. Though you need to check the Internet connection and file size limit.

Open an MP4 to MOV converter online. Here you can visit

Click Add Files to upload up to 10 MP4 files. The maximum file size should be no more than 150MB.

Set MOV as the output video format.

Enable Email when done and then enter your email address. You can receive the converted file via email as well.

Click Convert Now to convert MP4 to MOV for free online.


Which one can be your best MP4 to MOV converter? No matter how many MP4 files you want to convert to the MOV format, you can finish the conversion with the online and offline MP4 converters here. For people who require high-quality MP4 to MOV files, it is recommended to use FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate. You can get the superfast conversion speed and customizable video editing tools. Compared with online MP4 converters, you can save a lot of time waiting and uploading. Just free download the program to explore more features and have a try right now.

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