How to Add Watermark to Video in 4 Proven Methods in Seconds

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March 27, 2020 17:00 / Posted by Lisa Ou

I want to upload my video to YouTube channel, but want to add watermark to the video before uploading. How do I add watermark in Preview? Can I add water to published YouTube videos?

How to Add Watermark to Video in 4 Proven Methods in Seconds

Editors might add watermark to videos or images for theft protection. Well, in this post, we will discuss how to add watermark to video properly and effectively.

1. How to Add Watermark to a Video with FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate

FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate is the first recommendation for you. As its convenience and efficiency, it can be much more than a tool to add video watermark for you, such as convert MP4 format, split MP4, enhance audio quality, etc.

Features of FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate

  1. It has both Windows and Mac versions for you.
  2. You can convert video and audio formats.
  3. It allows you to add video subtitles, add watermark, etc.
  4. You can use it to crop video, trim audio, merge videos, etc.
  5. It helps you enhance audio and video quality with ease.
  6. It is easy to use.

How to Add Watermark to a Video with FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate

Below is the demonstration.

Download and install the program on computer, then it will be launched automatically.

Click Add File or drag and drop video file directly to import the video file.

Click Edit > Watermark.

fonelab video converter add watermark

You are allowed to select Text or Picture to add a text watermark or picture watermark. Click Apply after adjusting the size and area.

Click Convert button.

So easy, right? As the proverb says, solutions always more than a problem. You should know Adobe Premiere Pro, which is a professional program.

2. Add Watermark with Adobe Premiere

For users who are familiar with Adobe Premiere, it is a piece of cake to add watermark to a video with it. But it is different for a freshman. However, the following tutorial will show you how to add watermark in Premiere.

Download and install Adobe Premiere on computer, then open it.

Drag and drop video and watermark in the timeline.

Adjust the position, size, duration, etc. Then save it.

You might know that installation of Premiere is not an easy case as its file size. If you are using Mac, you still have another option.

3. How to Add a Watermark in iMovie

iMovie is a popular tool for Mac users to edit videos. You can convert video format, compress video file size, etc with it. Below is how to add watermark in iMovie.

Launch iMovie on Mac and import the video and watermark file.

Drag and drop both of them to timeline, adjust the shape, size, position and motion for the watermark.

imovie add watermark

How about users with Windows computers?

4. How to Watermark Video Using Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker looks like the iMovie for Mac users, it can also be a favor to add watermark to video files.

Open the video file with Windows Movie Maker.

Drag the video to timeline, click Title.

Type the text in the input box, then adjust it.

Change the size and color according to your needs.

Save it.

The above-mentioned parts are about how to add watermark to videos before uploading, what if you have uploaded the video already?

5. Adding Video Watermarks To Published YouTube Videos

If you want to add video watermark to published YouTube videos, you can check below detailed instructions.

Go to and log in your account.

Select YouTube Studio > Settings > Channel > Branding.

add youtube watermark

Click CHOOSE IMAGE on the right side, then select an image and open it.

Choose Display time and click SAVE.

6. How to Add Watermark to GIF with Online Tools

If you have some GIF and want to add watermarks to them, you can use above-mentioned methods which support GIF format. In addition, you can also try some online tools.

Option 1. Kapwing

Kapwing is an online tool, which has a simple and user-friendly design to help you add a custom watermark or log to a GIF with ease. You can find its demonstration below. And you can add watermark within 3 steps, just upload your video file, then the watermark file and save it.

Option 2. Watermark

Watermark is specialized in copyright protext your photos, videos and documents. It shows the detailed instructions in a video, so you can learn how to use it properly in short time. Import your video from computer or cloud, edit the watermark file, and then export the video to computer or cloud according to your needs.

As you can see, FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate is the best choice for you. Why not download and have a try now!

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