How to Convert Monkey’s Audio APE to MP3 without Losing Original Quality

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The APE file is also known as the Monkey’s Audio, which is a file format for audio data compression with audio lossless. It keeps the original audio CD quality that achieves better than average lossless compression. How to convert APE audio to MP3 with original quality? What should be the benefits to transcode the Monkey’s Audio to MP3 or other format? How to convert the files? Just find the desired answers from the article now.

How to Convert Monkey’s Audio APE to MP3 without Losing Original Quality

Guide List

1. What is APE File and Why You Need to Convert It

Monkey’s Audio is a desired lossless audio format for audiophiles and music fans, which has a better lossless compression algorithm than FLAC and other audio formats. Moreover, you can also playback the APE files with Windows Media Player, Foobar2000, Winamp and more others.

Why do you need to convert APE to MP3 audio files? Here are some reasons you should know.

  1. Decoding is resource intensive that the compression system is CPU intensive. Moreover, it also just takes quite a lot of processing power to playback audio.
  2. Monkey’s Audio is only officially available on Microsoft Windows for free. In order to use the APE files on your iPhone, Android or even Mac, you have to convert APE to MP3 instead.
monkeys audio

2. How to Convert APE File to MP3 on Computer with Video Converter

How to extract high quality MP3 files from Monkey’s Audio? How to playback the APE files on Mac? In order to keep the best audio quality of the MP3 output, you have to tweak the audio bitrate, channels, sample rate and more. FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate is the desired APE to MP3 converter that transcode the APE to different audio and video formats. It also enables you to further edit or enhance the media files with ease.

  1. Convert APE to MP3, FLAC, WAV, WMA and more other audio formats.
  2. Tweak the audio codec, bitrate, sample rate, audio channels and more.
  3. Further edit the MP3 files, such as trim, crop and merge the audio clips.
  4. Enhance the media quality or remove the noise with 4 different methods.

Step 1Download and install the APE to MP3 converter on Mac. Launch the program on your MacBook and click the Add File button to load the APE files. It just takes a short period of time to load the Monkey’s audio files into the program.

load audio file

Step 2Click the Profile option to choose the MP3 - MPEG Layer - 3 Audio as the output format. You can also tweak the encoder, sample rate, channels and audio bitrate for the MP3 output. Choose the desired audio quality for converting APE files.

choose mp3 format

Step 3When you need to further edit the audio files, you can click the Trim menu and choose the Start point and the End point to split the audio into a desired clip. You can also check the Merge into one file to combine APE files into one MP3 file.

trim ape file

Step 4Just click the Convert button to convert APE to MP3 file within a few seconds. It enables you to playback the audio files on your Mac, or even transfers the MP3 files to your iPhone, Android phone or more other devices with ease.

3. How to Convert APE File to MP3 Online

When you want to convert APE files within a batch process, FreeConvert is a useful APE to MP3 converter online that transcode 20 files at a time. It also enables you to load the APE files from your computer, as well as a URL within few clicks.

Step 1Drag and drop the APE files into the program, you can also click the URL option and enter the link of the APE audio. After that, you can click the Add blue button to load the audio file.

Step 2Click the Advanced Settings option, which enables you to adjust the audio bitrate, audio sample rate, cut audio, audio channel, audio effects and more others. After that, you can click on the blue Convert to MP3 button to start APE to MP3 conversion.

Step 3Once the conversion finishes, you can click on the Download button or the Download All option to download the converted MP3 files. After that, you can transfer the files to your iPhone, Android phone or other devices accordingly.

convert ape to mp3 online


The article shares the different methods for APE MP3 conversion. In order to get the desired audio output, FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate is a versatile APE converter that transcode APE audio into different video and audio formats. Moreover, you can also further edit or enhance the files according to your requirements.

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