How to Mirror a Video to the Other Side on Windows/Mac/Online

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May 13, 2020 17:00 / Posted by Lisa Ou

By mirroring a video, you can change left to right, and right appears left. Sometimes you just find out that some videos are shot in the opposite direction. So you need to mirror a video horizontally or vertically. There are many online and offline tools for mirroring videos. From this article, you can get 5 easy ways to flip and mirror a video on Windows and Mac.

How to Mirror a Video to the Other Side on Windows/Mac/Online

1. How to Mirror YouTube Video with YouTube Video Editor

YouTube Video Editor is not available since September 20th, 2017. Though you can use YouTube Studio to trim and split videos, the other video enhancements are discontinued. If you want to mirror a YouTube video, you can install a Chrome plugin called YouTube Video Flipper. As a result, you can get one more option to mirror a video on YouTube videos.  

Download and install YouTube Video Flipper from Chrome web store. After that, you can find a new icon among the Chrome extensions.

Open the YouTube video you want to mirror.

Click the Flip Video icon on the YouTube video bar.

The YouTube video will be mirrored horizontally or vertically.

youtube video flipper

You can also click to check more information about YouTube Video Rotator if you want.

2. How to Mirror Video Online

If you want to mirror a video online, you can try Clideo. There is no need to install anything on your phone or computer. The uploaded video clips will be deleted after 24 hours. Thus, you can feel free to mirror a video on iPhone, Android, Windows and Mac.

In the Clideo website, click Choose file to upload a video.

Click the left button to mirror a video free online. Or you can click the right button to flip and mirror a video online.

Click Play to preview the mirror effect.

Unfold the Format list and set the output video format.

Click Flip followed by Download to save the mirrored video.

mirror video online

3. How to Mirror Video in iMovie

As for Mac and iOS users, you can get one more video editor to mirror a video on Mac and iPhone. It is supported to mirror and edit videos between iPhone and Mac flexibly.

Open iMovie. Create a new project and import a video to iMovie.

Select the video clip in the timeline. Click the Clip filter and audio effect button above the viewer in the browser toolbar.

Click Flipped in the Choose Clip Filter window.

Choose Export Movie from the Share drop-down list. Customize the file name and folder.

Click Save to mirror a video clip in iMovie.

mirror video in imovie

4. How to Mirror Video with Premiere

Adobe Premiere also supports timeline-based video editing. If you have the subscription of Premiere, you can create a mirror effect in Adobe Premiere as well.   

Create a sequence in Premiere. Then drag your video footage into it.

Find the Flip section. Choose Effects and then Transform.

You can mirror a video clip with vertical and horizontal.

On the Effect Control panel, click Vertical Flip or Horizontal Flip based on your need.

Create your mask by clicking the square right under the name.

Drag the mask to the video. In the mask settings, adjust the feather to 10 or so. Now you can create a mirror effect in Adobe Premiere.  

rotate video in premiere

What's more, you can also rotate a video with Adobe Premiere.

5. How to Mirror Video with FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate

If your video is in a rare format, it is recommended to mirror a video using FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate. Thanks to the wide support of video input and output formats, you can mirror video uploaded in popular devices losslessly. You can also rotate your video 90 clockwise or counterclockwise to fix the wrong orientation. In addition, you can also use the built-in video enhancer to upscale resolution, remove video noise, reduce video shaking and optimize brightness and contrast.   

  1. Mirror a video horizontally or vertically with the real-time preview window.
  2. Keep the original video quality while mirroring a video.
  3. Use the built-in video editor to enhance video quality, trim, merge, crop, flip, etc.
  4. Convert your video to any popular formats and devices after mirroring.
  5. Work with Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP and macOS Sierra, Mac OS X 10.11 to 10.6.

Launch FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate after the installation. Click Add File to import your video.

main interface

Click Edit on the top toolbar. In the Rotate section, you can click Horizontal Flip or Vertical Flip to mirror your video. Click Apply to confirm.

mirror video

If you want to change the video format, you can click Profile and set the new output format. Then click Settings to adjust video encoder, frame rate, resolution, aspect ratio and bitrate.

change video resolution

Click Browse to change the destination folder. At last, click Convert to save your mirrored video.

By the way, it also helps you rotate a video within a few clicks.

All in all, you can mirror a video on iPhone, Android, Windows and Mac with the above 5 methods. iMovie is only designed for Apple users. As for Adobe Premiere, it is not worth to buy it if you only want to mirror a video. Whatever, you can choose any tool mentioned above to mirror your video with ease.

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