Best Mac Video Recovery Software to Recover Permanently Deleted Videos


May 06th, 2019 09:00 / Posted by Lisa Ou

You can find the recently deleted videos in Mac Trash Bin directly. However, some video lost situations just occur unexpectedly. It is not an easy job to recover permanently deleted videos on Mac. There are many scenarios that you need to perform Mac data recovery, such as virus attack, formatting, OS crashes, permanently deletion and many other unknown reasons.

Fortunately, you can use the best Mac video recovery software to get the deleted files back. It is still possible to recover deleted videos on Mac. Be aware that you should not save new files to the original storage place to prevent data overwritten.

Later, you can recover deleted files or folders on Mac effortlessly with this tool.

Recover Mac Video

1. How to Play and Save Video on Mac

QuickTime Player is the default video player for Mac users. You can play all downloaded videos on Mac with excellent experience. The free video player is pre-installed on Mac.

Thus, you do not need to install extra tools to play movies on Mac.

Open Finder > Applications > QuickTime Player.

Choose Open File… from the File drop-down list on the top left corner.

Browse and select a video you want to watch.

Play and share your video on Mac within QuickTime Player.

open quicktime player

You can also learn more about quicktime recorder if you need.

To save a streaming video, you can use a YouTube downloader or screen recorder. Recently, the screen recording feature arrives in macOS Mojave. You can get a screen recording tool in the new screenshot toolbar to save YouTube videos for free.

Of course, you can record YouTube videos to QuickTime Player on Mac too.

Hold and press Command, Shift and 5 keys together.

Set the screen recording area.

Click Record to start recording a video.

Apply video editing filters to your recorded video.

Click Done to save your YouTube video on Mac. 

screen record on mac mojave

2. How to Recover Video on Mac

FoneLab Data Retriever is the professional Mac data recovery software that has simplified the whole video recovery process. You can recover deleted videos on Mac in all formats, such as AVI, MOV, MP4, M4V, FLV, etc. Thanks to the selectable data scanning mode, you can find all deleted videos in a short time.

No matter why your Mac videos disappeared or lost, you can recover deleted videos from Mac or other connected digital devices in the original quality. This is the best Mac video recovery software with the highest success rate.

  1. Recover deleted videos from Mac (emptied Trash Bin included), flash drive, memory card, digital camera camcorder, hard drive, etc.
  2. Scan for deleted videos on Mac via Quick Scan and Deep Scan mode.
  3. Have no time or size limit for recovering deleted videos.
  4. Search or filter any video file via the name, format, file size, created or modified date.
  5. Recover lost or deleted videos on Mac due to all kinds of data loss reasons.
  6. The Mac video recovery software works with Mac 10.7 and above (macOS Mojave included).

Launch Mac video recovery software. Click Start under Mac Data Recovery to access the video recovery page quickly.

launch mac recovery

Choose Video and hard drive to recover deleted videos on Mac. You can also mark before Trash on the lower left corner to recover videos from the emptied Trash Bin on Mac. It can also be your hard drive data recovery if you want.

select video type

Click Scan to scan for all deleted and existing videos on Mac. If you want to recover formatted videos on Mac, you need to stop the Quick Scan mode and enter into the Deep Scan mode instead. It takes some time to complete the data scanning process.

scan video folder on mac

You can choose the video format in the left pane that your deleted video belongs to. Mark before the videos you want to recover. At last, click Recover to recover deleted videos on Mac safely and selectively.

recover video folder on mac

If you cannot wait to recover videos on Mac, you can open the video folder to see the scanned files directly. In addition, you can use the built-in Search engine to find your deleted video file from various similar items with ease.

The Mac video recovery software offers a clean and intuitive interface. Thus, even you do not have any experience of data recovery before, you can still recover deleted videos on Mac effortlessly. Once you activate Data Retriever, you can get the lifelong Mac data recovery service here.

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