Find My iPhone Not Working – 5 Ultimate Methods You Should Know

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Find My iPhone is a useful and revolutionary feature to keep a track of the lost, stolen or missing iOS devices. When Find My iPhone is not working, such as you don’t see your iPhone listed, or you find an unexpected iPhone or an alter that says your iPhone is offline. Here is the ultimate guide about how to fix Find My iPhone not working from the article.

Find My iPhone Not Working

Part 1: Why Find My iPhone Not Working

In order to diagnose the Find My iPhone is not working, here are the top 10 reasons that you can narrow down your options to troubleshoot the problem with ease. Just learn more details as below.

  1. iCloud or Find My iPhone is deactivated or turned off. You should make sure both iCloud and Find My iPhone is enabled before losing the iPhone or other iOS devices.
  2. Your iPhone has no power or is turned off. Find My iPhone cannot work when the GPS signal unable to send the device to Wi-Fi and cellular networks for it to detect its current location.
  3. SIM card has been removed. When the SIM card is not available on the iPhone, your iPhone will be vanished from the Internet, unless the iPhone is connected to the Wi-Fi service.
  4. Find My iPhone service is not available. If you were using your iPhone in a country that Apple is not granted absolutely access to, the Find My iPhone won’t work for you accordingly.
  5. The device data is wrong. The data set on your device can affect whether Find My iPhone works properly. When the servers of Apple detect the wrong data, the feature will not work well.
  6. The location circle is too large to be useful. If the location circle remains large, your iPhone might not have access to a Wi-Fi or a GPS signal to determine a more accurate location.
  7. Your iPhone is using the wrong Apple ID. You have to use the same Apple ID to login that you use on the missing iPhone. Apple tracks devices by Apple ID and only lets you track missing devices with your Apple ID.
  8. No connection to the Internet. When the device has gone out of range, Airplane Mode has been activated, or even use the Ethernet, the Find My iPhone might not work.
  9. The Device has been restored to its factory settings. When you restore the iPhone to the factory settings, it will remove all the information, including the Apple ID and iCloud account.
  10. Your iPhone is running iOS 5 or earlier versions. For the Find My iPhone feature is available since iOS 5, you have to update to the latest version in order to use the feature.

Part 2: How to Fix Find My iPhone Not Working

You can locate the Find My iPhone problems with the information above. How to fix the Find My iPhone not working? Just learn more details about the 5 frequently used methods as below.

Method 1: Check the Internet Connection

Swipe up from the bottom of the iPhone X/XR/XS screen to reveal the Control Center and turn off the Airplane mode.

Go to Settings > Cellular on your iPhone, you can switch on the option next to the Cellular Data at the top of the screen.

When you connected to Cellular data, you can enable the Wi-Fi and iCloud to make Find My iPhone workable.

turn on cellular network connection

Method 2: Correct the Data and Time on iPhone

Go to the Settings > General > Data & Time to adjust the data and time on your iPhone.

Swipe left on the automatic date and time. Then your iPhone will set the data and time automatically over a Wi-Fi connection.

Of course, you can also select your time zone and adjust the data and time to fix Find My iPhone problems.

set date time manually

Method 3: Reboot Your iPhone

Long press and hold the Side button and the Volume Down button. Do this until you find the Slide to Power Off option appears.

Slide the option in order to turn off your iPhone completely to get rid of the Find My iPhone not working problems.

When your iPhone has turned off, you can restart your iPhone with the same process until the Apple logo appears.

force restart iphone

Method 4: Reset Your iPhone

In order to reset your iPhone to the factory setting, you should have a backup to iTunes or iCloud beforehand.

Head over to the Settings > General > Erase All Content and Settings to remove all the data of your iPhone.

Enter the passcode and tap the Erase iPhone option to confirm. It will wipe out the settings as well as the problem.

factory reset iphone

Method 5: iOS System Recovery

Is there an automatic method to fix your iPhone problems, including the Find My iPhone not working? FoneLab iOS System Recovery is the ultimate iPhone fixer to get rid of iPhone DFU mode, recovery mode, Apple logo, headphone mode and more others.

  1. Fix your iPhone back to normal from different recoverable situations.
  2. Recover the deleted and lost data on your iPhone with easy process.
  3. Get rid of the Find My iPhone and restore iPhone back to normal.
  4. Support all iOS devices and types, such as iPhone 11/XR/XS/X/8/7/6/.

Download and install the software, launch the program on your computer. Connect the iPhone to your computer via the original USB cable. It will detect the iPhone automatically.

select function

Choose the iOS System Recovery and select the issue for Find My iPhone not working. After that, you can click the Start button to fix the problem without any data loss.

start ios system recovery

You can select the Standard Mode and confirm the information of your iPhone. And then click the Optimize/Repair to start the fixing process for your iPhone.

select mode

Part 3: How to Use Find My iPhone and Its Feature

If your iPhone is stolen or lost, how do you take advantage of the Find My iPhone to find the iOS device, or erase your iPhone? Here is how to use Find My iPhone from the iCloud website.

Go to the with any browser, login the same Apple ID and password for the lost iPhone. Select the Find iPhone to search for the devices logged in with the Apple ID.

find iphone from icloud

In order to locate a specific device, you can select the device on the map. Choose the i icon to display a window that enables you to access all features of Find My iPhone.

find my iphone online

Play Sound: When your iPhone is missing, you can take advantage of the Find My iPhone with a sound, it enables you to let you get back the iPhone with ease.

Directions: Of course, if you can locate the iPhone from the map, you can take advantage of the Directions option to keep track the location of your iPhone in the Maps.

Notifications: Besides the above, you can also mark the iPhone as lost, report your lost or stolen device to local law enforcement or even report your lost or stolen device to your wireless carrier.

Erase iPhone: In order to prevent anyone from accessing the data on your missing iPhone, you can erase the data of iPhone remotely to remove all of your information.

find my ios13

Part 4: How to Turn off Find My iPhone

When you need to disable or turn off the Find My iPhone for your iOS devices, make sure you have the Apple ID and password that is linked to the iPhone, you can follow the steps to disable the feature as below.

Go to the Settings of your iPhone. Tap the name on the top of the screen, and then click the iCloud option from the list.

Scroll down the screen to find the Find My iPhone option. Now toggle off to disable the Find My iPhone with a password and Apple ID.

Finally, you can tap the Turn Off button to disable the Find My iPhone on your iPhone accordingly.

disable find my iphone


When the Find My iPhone not working on your iOS device, you can learn more about the reasons as well as the solutions from the article. Moreover, it also shares the method to use the features and turn off the Find My iPhone here

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