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How to Restore iPhone from Backup Files

Whether you have a new iPhone or come across the Blue screen of death, you might need to restore iPhone from backup. The article explains different methods to return back the backup of iPhone. Just pick up the right method for restoring iPhone from backups.

1 How to restore iPhone from backups on iPhone

The previous data is backed up somewhere invisible in iPhone. You can simply restore iPhone from the backup file in iPhone with iPhone data recovery tool.

Fonelab for iOS Screenshot

FoneLab for iOS

It is the best iPhone data recovery tool which cannot recover deleted files from iPhone, iTunes and iCloud, but also backup files and restore backup files of your iPhone.

Please connect iPhone to PC or Mac, make sure the iPhone is not synced with iTunes, which might overwrite the lost data.

1. Scan iPhone for lost data
Click "Start Scan" to get the iPhone scanned. You can find all the data scanned out.

connect iPhone

2. Extract iPhone from backup
Select any file you want to recover from the scanned result, check the files and click the "Recover" button to save them.

Scan iPhone

Wait for seconds, you will find the deleted backup files on your computer.

1. It is a selective restore for the part of iPhone data you required.
2. You can preview the previous backups before recovering iPhone.
3. It might also recover deleted iMessage from iPhone or other data that you deleted by mistake.
4. The method fully backup all the files of iPhone and extract backups to iPhone easily.
5. It can scan the backups from iTunes and iCloud, and then restore iPhone backup from iTunes and iCloud.

It is not free to get the best iPhone restoration application tool.

2How to recover iPhone from backup with iTunes

If you have already backed up the iPhone data in iTunes, you can retrieve the iPhone from iTunes as below.

1: Select the right iTunes backup and scan.

Recover from iTunes backup

2: Choose the backup file in iTunes and click Recover.

Recover Call History from iTunes backup

Wait for seconds, the file will be restored from iTunes backup.

1. iTunes backs up iPhone data with different file format. And then restore everything back to iPhone quickly.
2. Even if you have some large files, you do not have to pay any subscription charge.
3. Does not require a Wi-Fi connection, does not need to reply on iCloud or other third party service to retrieve backup for iPhone.

1. The synced movies and music files cannot be recovered to iPhone with iTunes. It might recover iPhone with purchased items only.
2. The requirement for encryption with password, which might turn out to be a pain when you wanna recover iPhone from backup with iTunes.
3. It is quite difficult to retrieve backup for iPhone from the iTunes folder.

3 How to restore iPhone from an iCloud backup

iCloud automatically backup iPhone when you log in your account with the application.

1. Start FoneLab for iOS and Sign in to iCloud

Recover from iCloud backup

2. Choose the backup folder and file types to download

Download iCloud backup

3. Choose the file and click Recover to restore.

Restore contacts from iCloud backup

1. It is the easiest way to store iPhone from backup with iCloud, you only need to do the whole process on the iPhone itself.
2. iCloud automatically backs up iPhone when Wi-Fi is available, you can always return back iPhone to the latest iCloud backup.
3. Restore iPhone from iCloud backup not only store the data from iPhone, but also other iDevice with the same iCloud account.

1. The restriction for the 5GB limitation, you need to have a monthly subscription for iCloud backup of stored iPhone beyond 5GB.
2. Any media content on your iPhone that is not purchased from iTunes store cannot be recovered from iCloud backup for iPhone.

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