How to Put Music to Samsung Galaxy S7 from iOS, Android, PC or iTunes


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I like all the music on my current iPhone and PC, but how can I put my favorite songs to the new Android phone?

You can put music to Samsung Galaxy S7 from an old Android phone by some default programs. But how to transfer them from computers, iPhone, or iTunes? This article gives 4 suggestions to get the work done. By the way, if you're looking for help in finding files on your Samsung galaxy, you can check this out: Ways Available to Find Downloads on Samsung Galaxy.

put music on samsung galaxy-s7

1. Put Music to Samsung Galaxy S7 from iPhone, Android or computers

Fortunately, there is a professionally designed transfer tool to accomplish the whole procedure. FoneLab HyperTrans, which is an all-in-one phone transfer tool to transfer data on your iPhone, Android, iOS or computer without losing any data. It supports photos, videos, music, contacts, messages and data. Moreover, you can further edit the music files before putting music files on Samsung Galaxy S7 with ease.

Functions of FoneLab HyperTrans:

  1. Put music on Samsung Galaxy S7 from iPhone, Android and computer.
  2. Transfer music files more other files without replacing the original files.
  3. Make a ringtone with a few clicks and transfer it to Samsung Galaxy.
  4. Edit the ID3 information and create playlists for the imported music files.

Put Music to Samsung Galaxy S7 from iPhone

Download and install the transfer tool

Once you have installed FoneLab HyperTrans, you can launch the program on your computer, then connect both Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone XR with the computer by the original USB cable.

launch hypertrans

Listen and select the music files from iPhone

Choose iPhone from the top menu list, which you can find the detected files in different categories. Select the Music from the left side to choose the desired music files you want to transfer.

Put music on Samsung Galaxy S7

Check the boxes next to the songs you want to enjoy on the Samsung. Then click Export to Device and select the target Android phone.

Put Music to Samsung Galaxy S7 from Android

Connect both Android phones to computer

Connect the Samsung Galaxy S7 and another Android phone to your computer with the original USB cable. After that, launch the program to scan and detect files from both devices.

To put music files on Samsung Galaxy S7 with the right group, you can right-click the music you want to transfer, click the Edit and add the author and other information about the music.

Put music to Samsung Galaxy S7 from Android

When you have selected the desired music files, you can click Export to Device to transfer music files to Samsung Galaxy S7 from another Android phone.

Put Music to Samsung Galaxy S7 from Computer

Connect Samsung Galaxy S7 to computer

Download and install the program on your computer and connect Samsung Galaxy S7 to your computer via the original USB cable. It is able to scan and detect all the files with the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Put music on Samsung Galaxy S7 from computer

Go to Music tab after data scanning is completed. All the songs on your phone will be displayed. Click Plus on the top ribbon and select Add Files to put music on Samsung smartphone.

If there is limited storage space with the Samsung Galaxy S7, you can click Delete to delete music files or change the file locations .

2.Put Music to Samsung Galaxy S7 from iTunes

iTunes is not only a data manager for iOS devices but also a music library. You can use iTunes to listen to, manage, and convert music files on a computer. Can you put iTunes music to Samsung Galaxy S7? The answer is simple, yes. All you need is Samsung Kies, which is the data a management tool for Galaxy released by Samsung.

sync itunes with galaxy s7 via kies

Download the data manager from the Samsung website and install it on your computer.

Run the Samsung Galaxy data manager, and then connect your Galaxy S7 phone to your computer. It may take a while for the manager to detect the presence of your phone.(You can learn the basic information, such as internal memory, from the left side of the interface.)

Click and expand the File menu and choose Import iTunes playlists to the Library. Then look for the New playlist bar under the Library section. After that, your iTunes music will be saved to the library.

Check the boxes in front of the music files you expect to copy from iTunes to Galaxy S7. Next, select Transfer to device to put iTunes music to Samsung Galaxy S7.


This article has shown the best methods about how to transfer files from phone to tablet, even if the devices share a different operating system. While Bluetooth is a convenient method for a small number of file transfers and Cloud service is another method to sync files between different devices via a same account, FoneLab HyperTrans is a powerful and professional file transfer tool to transfer data without any loss.

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