How to Transfer Music from iPod to Computer


March 18, 2016 09:00 / Posted by Boey Wong

I recently got a new computer and I am trying to copy the music files from my iPod to the new computer. I can’t find the iTunes backup location on my old computer so I am not able to copy the backup files like the help section tells me to do. Any ideas about how to transfer iPod music to computer? Thanks a lot!

To be honest, Apple definitely makes it easy to put media files and other files onto your iOS device but the road really only goes one way. For instant, It is quite complex to copy music from iPod to computer using iTunes. So when your computer crashes or you turn to use a new computer or other reasons that makes you want to move your music from the iPod back to the PC , you probably do not know how to do it via iTunes. Fortunately, there is a music transfer program which can help you do the opposite way in just a few clicks. FoneTrans for iOS is the program that I am talking about. It has intuitive and simple interface which can help you easily transfer songs from iPod to computer or iTunes without confusion, even for novice. Let’s learn more about this program.


1. Key Features for FoneTrans

  1. FoneTrans can not only transfer music from iPod to PC, but also transfer songs from iPod to iTunes.
  2. You are allowed to add, export, or delete songs through the interface whenever you like.
  3. Keep your data safe on your iDevice while transferring music between iDevice and computer.
  4. Easily rebuild your music libraries.
  5. Other data like photos, contacts, messages, videos, books, etc. are at your disposal as well.

2. How to Transfer Music from iPod to Computer

Firstly, you can download and install FoneTrans with above right link and the software will automatically launch right after the installation is complete. Then connect your iPod to the computer you will see below window.

FoneTrans for iOS

On the left pane of the interface, you will see all the contents listed in a column. Click Media, then you can see all the media files including Music, Movies, Podcasts, iTunes U, Ringtones, Audio Books, Voice Memos, etc. displaying at the top tool bar. Now click Music and you can see all the songs on your iPod. Select Export to to copy the music you chose to your PC.

Music Transfer

3. How to Transfer Music from iPod to iTunes

If you want to export your iPod music to iTunes, FoneTrans can help you do this too. You just need to select To iTunes in the very beginning.

Transfer Music from iPod to iTunes

Then click the Start button on the pop up windows. The software has the ability to automatically detect the difference between the iOS device and iTunes files and only copy what’s missing in iTunes.

Copy Music to iTunes

This software becomes more and more popular because of its easy handle, fast speed, restore ability, rebuild music libraries, easy connectivity with multiple devices and many more. All these features make the software more comprehensive compared to iTunes. Why not get the program on your computer and have a better experience on managing your iOS data?

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