Trim Video on Mac in 6 Proven Ways with Ease [2020 Updated]

Lisa Ou

April 16, 2020 17:00 / Posted by Lisa Ou

Can I trim videos on Mac? Should I download any program on Mac? I want to know how to trim the middle of a video on Mac. Thanks in advance!

Trim Video on Mac in 6 Proven Ways with Ease [2020 Updated]

If you want to learn about trimming a video on Mac correctly and conveniently, this post will show you 6 workable methods you can try as below.

1. How to Trim a Video in Photos on Mac

To trim Video with Mac Photos is the first option you can try as it is one of the built-in software on Mac. In addition, it is an easier choice for anyone. Below is how.

Run Photos app on Mac, and double-click the video you want to trim.

Hover the video, click Action > Trim.

Move the yellow sliders to set the start and end times.

mac photos trim video

Click Trim.

You might know that Quicktime is another built-in feature you can try to edit video files with simple clicks.

2. Trim Videos on Mac with QuickTime

QuickTime is more than a media player if you know well about it. It can help you solve most video editor problems including how to trim the middle of a video on QuickTime.

Open QuickTime Player and import the video you want to trim.

Click Edit > Trim. Move the yellow sliders to cut your video.

mac quicktime trim video

Click Trim.

Although above-mentioned 2 methods can fix basic issues, both of them have their limitations. For people who want more video editing functions, you should try some third-party programs on Mac.

3. Trim Video on Mac Powerpoint

As one of the famous Microsoft file software, Powerpoint can edit files, make a slideshow, record screen, etc. You should know that it also helps people trim a video.

Run Powerpoint and import your video file.

Find Playback, and click Trim Video. Then click Play.

Click green Set button on the left to set the beginning time, and the red Set button on the right to set the ending time.

mac ppt trim video

If iMovie is the default video editor for you, you can use it to trim a video, too.

4. How to Trim Video on Mac iMovie

iMovie is a tool on iPhone, iPad and Mac, which is specialized in video editing. You can follow below clear instructions to trim video with iMovie.

Launch iMovie in Mac, and import the video file. Then drag it to timeline.

Click Window > Show Clip Trimmer.

Hover the video on the timeline until the trim tool appears, then you can trim the video file.

Requirements make demands. In order to catch more satisfies from users, various tools specialized in trimming videos were released. Below are 2 recommendations for you.

5. How to Trim a Video on Mac with FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate

FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate is strongly recommended to you. It has a user-friendly interface, and it is easy to use. It is more than a video converter, it can also convert audio format if you want. What’s more, it helps you crop video, merge video files, rotate videos, improve video quality, trim audio file, remove background audio from video, etc.

No matter you are using a Windows or Mac computer, you can download the right version and follow below steps to trim a video.

Download and install the program on computer, then it will be launched automatically. If it doesn’t, please double-click the software to run it.

Import the video file. You can click Add File button to select a video file. Or directly drag and drop a video.

video converter ultimate trim audio

Click Trim button on the top, then use the trimmer tools to set the start and end time.

video converter ultimate adjust trim audio

Click OK > Convert.

As you can see, it has various features for video editing, such as convert 2D to 3D, change video resolution, batch convert videos, compress video file size and more. You can download and have a try now!

Solutions are always more than a problem, there are always some alternatives to solve problems if you want more.

6. Trim Video via VLC on Mac

Some of you might heart about VLC, which is a third-party program to edit videos, too. Using VLC to trim video on Mac as below.

Download and install the software from official site. Then drag and drop the video directly.

Play the video till reach the beginning part you want, click Playback > Record. Stop it when it is done.

vlc trim video

Replay it and let it run to the end.

As you can see, VLC is not a simple tool, so you can choose some easier methods according to your needs.

That’s all about how to trim a video on Mac. You can choose FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate and have a try now!

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