Trim Audio File - How to Trim MP3 on Windows/Mac Properly

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March 12, 2020 17:00 / Posted by Lisa Ou

I have recorded an audio with iPhone, and want to remove the unwanted part. How can I do it? Should I download a program or something else? Thanks!

Trim Audio File - How to Trim MP3 on Windows/Mac Properly

Some people might encounter the same situation as above-mentioned, or want to edit music file on computer. However, you can get the best solutions in this post.

1. How to Trim an Audio File with FoneLab Audio Trimmer

FoneLab Audio Trimmer is one of the best audio trimmers on the internet. Why? You should know that it can be much more than a simple tool to trim MP3, in addition, it can easily help you convert video format, add video subtitles, add audio background to video, split video or audio file and more.

Download and install the program on computer, then launch it automatically.

video converter ultimate main interface

Drag and drop the audio file to the software, or click Add File to import the audio.

video converter ultimate trim audio

Click Trim button on the top, then adjust the starting and end point of the audio you want. Then click OK.

video converter ultimate adjust trim audio

Click Convert button.

As you can see, FoneLab Audio Trimmer won’t ask professional knowledge or something else. You can trim a video or audio file within a few click.

Solutions are always more than the problem. Of course you want find more other methods.

2. How to Trim Audio File on Windows

As one of the most used-frequent computer around the world, people has different tools to trim audio on Windows effectively.

In this part, you can get 4 different methods.

How to Trim an MP3 File in Windows Media Player

If you still have the Windows Media Player on your computer, you can follow below instructions.

Download SolveigMM WMP Trimmer Plugin on your computer. Then open the Windows Media Player and click Tools- > Plug-ins- > SolveigMM WMP Trimmer Plugin.

Open the audio file with Media Player, then click Edit File.

Move the sliders to the desired position and then click Add marker.

Windows Media Player

Trim Audio with Windows Movie Maker

Another upgraded tool, which is called Movie Maker is also helpful to trim an audio file on Windows.

Add the audio file to Movie Maker.

Right-click the audio and drop it to Timeline. Then set the start and end part.

Save the file on computer.

How to Trim MP3 with Voice Recorder on Windows 10

Updating and upgrading always bring greater features. Windows 10 has a built-in feature, which is called Voice Recorder to cut the audio file.

Open Microsoft Store and search Windows Voice Recorder, click Get button. Launch it when it is done.

Import the audio to it, select it from the left pane, click the second Trim icon on the bottom of the window.

Windows 10 voice recorder

Move the sliders on the start and end point till you are done. Click the check icon.

Windows 10 voice recorder trim audio

Click Save a copy.

How to Trim MP3 with Powerpoint

You might know Powerpoint is an official tool, but it is a really powerful program to help you make different images, make a slideshow or trim an audio.

Download and install Powerpoint on computer, then launch it.

Click Audio Tools > Playback > Trim Audio.

Click Play button, then listen to it and click Pause button when you reach the point you want to trim it.

ppt trim audio

Then click the end-point, play it and pause when you are done.

Click File > Info > Compress Media, then choose a level. Finally, click Save Media as.

3. How to Trim Audio in Audacity

If you have heard about Audacity before, you can use it to make something as you like.

Open audio in Audacity, click Selection Tool, then choose a part you want in the clip.

Click Edit > Clip Boundaries > Split.

audacity trim audio

4. Trim Audio with VLC

Another tool is VLC, if you want to learn how to use it, please check below tutorial.

Open VLC on computer, click View > Advanced Controls > Media > Open File.

Play the audio and set the start and click Record button.

vlc trim audio

Click Record button again when it is done.

5. Trim MP3 on Mac

No matter you are using what kind of computer, you can always find some solutions to trim an audio file on Mac.

How to Trim Audio in iMovie

Open iMovie and import the audio file.

Select the audio in the window.

Adjust the sliders to the suitable starting point and end point. Then drag the part to the Timeline.

imovie trim audio

That’s all about how to trim audio files. FoneLab Audio Trimmer is one of the best solutions you should try now! If you have more questions about it, please leave comments below.

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