How to Record and Save Overwatch Highlights on Your Computer

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Oct 22, 2020 16:00 / Posted by Lisa Ou

Overwatch has the default game recording features. You can record Overwatch highlights via Today’s Top 5, Recently Captured and Save Highlights. It seems that Overwatch highlight recording is enough for Overwatch gamers. There is no need to use any third-party game recorder software for Overwatch. Is it true?

How to Record and Save Overwatch Highlights on Your Computer

Well, the truth is that Overwatch highlights are limited. You cannot record all Overwatch best moments for a long time. If you want to record and save Overwatch highlights in 1080p for hours, you had better turn to a professional gameplay recorder. It performs much better than auto Overwatch highlights recording. Whatever, you can get 2 different ways to record Overwatch highlights and gameplays here.

1. How to Record and Share All Overwatch Highlights (Advanced)

If you want to record an entire Overwatch round, using FoneLab Screen Recorder is your better choice. You can record Overwatch game video, webcam and voiceover at the same time. The gameplay recorder will not slow down your computer. So you can feel free to record Overwatch highlights and moments.

Moreover, you can enable mouse effects while recording on Overwatch. The on-screen narrations make it easy to emphasize your highlights and kills. In addition, you can set hotkeys to start, pause, resume and stop recording Overwatch highlights. It is easier to control Overwatch highlight recording than on-screen options.

  1. Record Overwatch highlights and take screenshots with options and hotkeys.
  2. Screen capture Overwatch with internal audio, voice over and webcam at the same time.
  3. Fully customize the output video format, quality, frame rate, bitrate and other recording settings.
  4. Extract highlights from Overwatch gameplay video with the built-in video cutter.
  5. Share the recorded Overwatch highlights to YouTube, Facebook and other platforms.
  6. Keep your computer runs fast. No lag or slow down.

Free download FoneLab Screen Recorder. Launch the program after the installation. Choose Video Recorder in the main interface.

fonelab screen recorder interface

Select the Overwatch window. Turn on System Sound to record Overwatch gameplay with internal audio. You can turn on Microphone to record Overwatch highlights with voice over as well.

video recorder

Click the Settings icon to adjust the screen recording preferences. Later, click the REC icon to start recording highlights in Overwatch. You can pause and resume recording Overwatch plays without time limit.

record settings

Click Stop to end up Overwatch highlight recording. In the Preview window, play and trim the recorded Overwatch game video. At last, click Save followed by Next to save or share highlights in Overwatch.

save recording videos

2. How to Record and Save Overwatch Highlights (Basic)

Overwatch will not save highlights automatically. The first time you record Overwatch highlights, you need to specify the output settings manually. Therefore, next time Overwatch can record and save highlights automatically. Here is the tutorial to save Overwatch highlights you can follow.

Run Overwatch. Select Controls and head to its Request Highlight section.

Use Overwatch highlights hotkeys to record highlights in Overwatch. You can record the last 12 seconds of Overwatch kills.

Open the Overwatch Highlights menu. Find and right-click on the Overwatch highlight video you want to save.

Choose Record to confirm and save changes. You can complete the Overwatch highlight saving process with its on-screen guide.

overwatch record highlights

3. FAQs of Recording Overwatch Highlights

Where do Overwatch highlights save?

Overwatch highlights are saved into the Recently Capture folder by default. Or you can go to the Documents folder and find the Overwatch folder to find Overwatch clips.

Can you change the default Overwatch highlights save location?

Yes. To start with, make sure Overwatch is closed. Press the Windows key on your keyboard. Type %Documents% into the blank. Later, press the Enter key to move on. Go to \Documents\Overwatch\Settings. Find and open the Settings_v0.ini file. Choose MovieExport. Then add the line with [MovieExport.1]. Change the new Overwatch highlights location between the quotation marks of VideoPath = “”. Save changes and relaunch Overwatch to see the difference.

What to do when Overwatch highlights not showing up?

There are many complaints about Overwatch saved highlights not showing up or Overwatch highlights not saving. If you encounter the Overwatch highlight bug, you can find that the manual and auto-saved Overwatch highlights are deleted. Restart and reset Overwatch settings. Contact the Overwatch Bug Report Forum to report the issue. There are not many solutions to find back your Overwatch highlights.

All in all, you can save the latest 12 seconds of Overwatch gameplay to your computer. Overwatch allows users to capture up to 3 recent highlights in each Overwatch round. The maximum Overwatch highlights can be saved no more than 26. As for Overwatch Today’s Top 5 highlights, they will be deleted after 24 hours or replaced by hew highlights.

If you want to record the entire Overwatch game video, FoneLab Screen Recorder is your smart choice. There is no maximum recording time limit. You can record Overwatch highlights, high scores, kills and other best moments for hours. By the way, no Overwatch highlights missing and not loading issues. No hassle operation or overwhelming interface. So you can feel free to record gameplay from Overwatch and more.

Still have questions about Overwatch highlights recording and saving? You can feel free to contact us by email or leave messages below. Any questions and suggestions are welcome. We will help you whenever you need.

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