How to Factory Reset Your Samsung Galaxy Phone without Data Loss

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If you use your Samsung phone for years, you may find that many problems occur, like app crashing or freezing, not syncing with other devices, not responding, can’t hear, can’t make or receive calls, stuck at blue/black screen, device making noises and more. During this time, you can perform a factory reset on your Samsung tablet or phone to refresh it.

Moreover, before you selling or giving away your old Samsung phone, you had better factory reset Samsung Galaxy to erase personal data.

Well, here’re the main reasons why you should restore your Samsung phone to factory settings.

  1. Remove malware and virus.
  2. Fix glitches and bugs.
  3. Uninstall some stubborn apps from Samsung.
  4. Fix Samsung running slow.
  5. Delete all downloaded files to free up space.

Ready to perform a factory data reset with your Samsung phone? Here we go.

factory reset samsung

Guide List

1. Preparation before You Factory Reset Your Samsung Phone

A factory reset will delete not only your apps and personal settings, but also all your stored files. If you do not want to get an empty phone after restoring Samsung phone to factory settings, you had better create a backup first. For some media files in small file sizes, you can backup Samsung with Google or other cloud services over Wi-Fi.

However, you need to consider the file size limit, Wi-Fi transferring speed, password issues and more. To flexibly backup and restore Samsung, you can turn to FoneLab Android Backup & Restore for help. You can flexibly backup and restore your Samsung phone without data loss.

Different from common tools, you can preview and choose any data to backup or restore before factory resetting Samsung. All your files will be in the original place safely. It is also easy if you want to move all your Samsung data to a new phone. The one-click backup and restore feature really works.

  1. Selectively backup and restore contacts, messages, call logs, gallery, videos, audios and documents stored in both Samsung phone and SD card.
  2. Preview Samsung data in detail from your Samsung backup file.
  3. Fully support all Samsung models running Android 2.3 and later.
  4. Get one-click backup and restore feature to move data quickly.
Android Data Backup & Restore
Android Data Backup & Restore

Backup and restore Android data to your computer easily.

  • Backup and restore Android data to your computer easily.
  • Preview data in detail before you restore data from backups.
  • Backup and restore Android phone and SD card data Selectively.

Step 1Free download, install and launch the Samsung backup and restore software. Before you perform factory data reset on Samsung phone, you had better create a backup for your important files here. Now, plug your Samsung device to the computer with a USB cable.

connect device and pc

Step 2Click Android Data Backup & Restore in the left pane. Choose Device Data Backup to selectively backup Samsung data. If you want to factory reset Samsung for reselling, you can click One-click Backup to move all files to your computer for restoring.

Choose Android Data Backup & Restore

Step 3Choose which files you want to make a copy. Later, wait for a while to complete the Samsung backup process. You can move the backup file to aother external hard drive as a backup too.

Choose Backup Method

Note: After you perform a factory reset on your Galaxy phone, you can plug the phone to computer again. Choose Device Data Restore or One-click Restore to get back your wiped data due to Samsung factory reset.

2. How to Reset Samsung Phone

Just as above mentioned, a factory data reset can fix many problems. However, your Samsung phone will be as empty as a new one too. Seriously, all personal data and settings will be erased from your phone completely. If you do not backup Samsung before resetting it to the factory settings, you will lose everything.

For people who have encrypted the inserted SD card before, you need to decrypt SD card before reset Samsung phone. Because your Samsung phone will fail to read the stored SD card data without your permission. Now, let’s see how to wipe your Samsung phone completely.

Step 1Power on your Samsung phone. Open the Settings app on the Home screen. Scroll down and select General Management from the list.

Step 2Tap Reset to get all Android reset options. Choose Factory Data Reset twice. Later, tap Reset or Reset Device. It depends on which Samsung device you use. Enter the security lock if you are required.

Step 3You will be notified that all your personal information and downloaded apps will be erased. Tap Delete all to confirm and factory reset Samsung S10/9/8/7/6/5 and more. It takes one or two minutes to bring your phone to the Android Recovery screen.

factory reset samsung

Step 4You will be in the Welcome screen after Samsung factory resetting. Now you can set up Samsung and restore data with FoneLab Android Backup & Restore.

set up samsung

Note: If your Samsung phone runs Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) and earlier, you can choose Settings > Back Up and Reset > Factory Data Reset > Reset Device > Delete All to do a factory reset on your Samsung phone.  

backup and reset samsung

3. Tips and Tricks to Reset a Samsung Phone That Is Locked

If your Samsung phone is locked out, you can still factory reset Samsung phone without password. Actually, there are many ways to unlock your password and perform a factory reset on Samsung. For instance, you can visit on your computer to get Android Device Manager. Later, you can set a temporary password to unlock Samsung. It’s OK to do so. You can disable the temporary password soon.

The also helps. All Samsung phones can be unlocked by the administrator remotely. All you need is entering the correct Samsung account or Google account. Well, if your Samsung phone is still not responding, you can use the following method to bypass Samsung factory reset code.

Step 1Power off your phone. Hold and press Power and Volume Down buttons to get the Android bootloader menu.

Step 2Press the Volume Down button to select Wipe data/factory reset. Then press the Power button.

Step 3Press the Volume Down button until you select Yes.

Step 4Press the Power button again. You can find that the Reboot System option is finally selected.

Step 5Press Power to reboot Samsung and unlock it. Now you can factory reset Samsung tablet or phone without pin or anything else.

samsung wipe data factory reset

That's all about how to reset a Samsung phone. A hard reset can fix small glitches on all phones. If it does not work, you can use factory reset to completely erase your Samsung phone. It is the powerful and last method to save your phone. Since all your files and settings will be removed, you need to check if you have backed up everything already. FoneLab Android Backup & Restore is the recommended Android backup and restore tool. You can be free from data loss with lots of customizable features. It is worth to free download and have a try.

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