iOS Voice Memo Recovery: Undelete iPhone Voice Memo with Simple Steps


Nov 14, 2017 09:00 / Posted by Lisa Ou

I want to share the voice memo of my interview last week. But lost with unknown reasons. Have no idea how to get them back? Is it possible? Please help!

Apple includes a digital voice recorder in iPhone, called Voice Memo. What is Voice Memo?

Voice Memo is an iOS app which enables you to record something you need, such as a music you like, an interview, sound you want to save…

It is no doubt that…

It is convenient to record, share, rename, and trim a voice memo on your iPhone.

You might be wondering…

How? You can find what you want to know as below.

1. Create a Voice Memo on iPhone

When you want to leave yourself a quickie reminder about something, you can fish out your iPhone and record it on your iPhone. Your phone is always in your pocket and you can do it easily.

Launch Voice Memo app on your iPhone screen.

Tap the red record button.

Tap the red button again if you want to stop the recording at any time.

Tap the Done next to the red button when the recording is done.

record voice memo

Enter the name of the recording and then Save to save the voice memo.

2. Listen to a Voice Memo on iPhone

After recording a voice memo, you need to listen to it afterward. If you want to know how to play a voice memo, read below tutorial.

Open the Voice Memo app.

listen voice memo

Tap the voice memo you want to listen.

Tap the blue triangle play button.

3. Share a Voice Memo on iPhone

Sometimes you have record something nice, and want to send it to your friends or family members, you can share them within app.

Run Voice Memo app on iPhone.

Choose the item you want to share from the list of recording.

Tap the share button.

Select the way you would like to share with.

Click Settings on the page

Follow the on-screen instruction to share the voice memo.

4. Trim a Voice Memo on iPhone

Do you think the voice memo is too long? Or there is something you don’t like to appear in it.

It is fortunate that you can cut a part of them and save it.

Choose the voice memo you want to trim on your Voice Memo app.

Tap Edit.

Tap the blue square trim button on the middle right of your screen.

Then you can see two red sliders in either direction, drag to trim the voice memo.

Tap Trim once you are done.

trim voice memo

Tap Trim Original or Save As New Recording as you like.

5. Rename a Voice Memo on iPhone

Some voice memo users saved the recording urgently without a satisfied file name.

Don’t worry, you can rename it later as you like.

Open the Voice Memo on your iPhone.

Tap the name of voice memo which you want to change the name on the list.

Enter the new name.

rename voice memo

Tap Edit.

6. Delete a Voice Memo on iPhone

To test the recording or something accidentally, you might save several almost the same voice memo on your iPhone. How can you do to delete a voice memo on iPhone?

There are 3 different methods to delete voice memo. If you would like to delete voice memo one by one, you need the first option.

Option 1 Delete individual recording

Open the Voice Memo app.

Choose one voice memo you want to delete and tap on it.

Tap the trash can to get rid of it.

You can swipe left to delete the voice memo if you like.

Option 2 Swipe to Delete One by One

Launch the Voice Memo on your device.

Find the voice memo you want to delete and then swipe left.

Tap Delete when it appears.

delete voice memo

There is another way to finish the deletion of all voice memos at once.

Option 3 Delete several voice memos at once

Tap Edit on the Record section.

Tap the delete button.

Tap the Delete when it appears to the right of the recording.

7. Recover iPhone Voice Memo

It is common that iPhone users delete the voice memo accidentally or lose them for unknown reasons. So if you want to recover these missing items, what should you do?

iCloud and iTunes would be the top 2 methods to solve the restoring problems for iPhone users. It won’t be very complicated if you are familiar with both of them.

Option 1 iCloud

Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Content and Settings to reset iPhone to factory settings.

Erase iPhone

On the App & Data screen, tap Restore from iCloud Backup.

Choose backup to restore from.

Option 2 iTunes

Launch the iTunes on your computer.

Click the device icon when it appears.

Choose Summary form the sidebar.

click summary

Click Restore Backup in iTunes.

Click the device icon when it appears.

Choose backup file and then Restore.

Please remember that…

These two options will overwrite existing data on your device, and you can’t choose which data to recover.

If you want to recover data selectively, please check below helpful methods for you.

Option 3 FoneLab

There are three tools in it, iPhone Data Recovery, iOS System Recovery and iOS Data Backup & Restore. After choosing iPhone data recovery on the interface, you can see the three modes to recover iPhone data.

If you don’t have backup files, you can choose to recover iPhone data from device directly.


Recover data from iCloud or iTunes backup files will be the suitable choices for you.

It is easy and safe for iPhone users to recover data from device directly.


Keep reading…

Recover from iOS Device

Choose Recover from Device on the interface.


Connect your iPhone to the computer with USB cable.

Click Start Scan.

Recover Messages from iCloud

Then you can check and preview the scanning results, choose Voice Memo from the left panel.

Check the box next to the voice memo you want to recover, then click Recover.

If you have backup files, below are some simple steps you can follow to recover voice memo from iCloud without professional knowledge.

Recover from iTunes Backup Files

Choose Recover from iTunes Backup Files.

Scan iTunes Backup

Download the certain backup file which contains the items you want.

Choose the right voice memo you want and then click Recover.

Recover from iCloud Backup Files

Choose Recover from iCloud Backup Files.

Enter your iCloud account and passcode to log in iCloud.

Login iCloud

Choose the right iCloud backup file and then download it.

Recover Messages from iCloud

After the downloading is done, select the voice memo.

Click Recover.

So easy, right?

You can download this program and then get a free trial for 30 days. Download and have a try now!

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