However, Apple provides only 5GB of free storage for each iCloud ID. This is especially not enough for those users who use same iCloud account on multiple devices.

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Written by Boey Wong | 16.06.2017

By using Voice Memo app on iOS device, you can easily record whatever sounds and events in daily life, such as an important meeting, an exciting speech, a special lectures, mysterious sounds, etc.

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Written by Boey Wong | 09.06.2017

While iTunes is a great medium for backing up iPhone to keep the data safe, it can be very difficult to get access to the backup file when you want to extract data from it.

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Written by Boey Wong | 08.06.2017

However, if you use the traditional way to restore iCloud backup, it will take very long time and all of your current iPhone data will be replaced by the data from the iPhone iCloud backup that you choose to restore.

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Written by Boey Wong | 07.06.2017

Which means all these personal information are contained to the iCloud backup as long as you have enabled them.

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Written by Boey Wong | 01.06.2017

However, no matter how beautiful its look is, there is still a problem remaining to be solved before you enjoy this handset.

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Written by Boey Wong | 31.05.2017

Due to the frequent usage of our smart phone in daily life, it is unavoidable to break the device one or two times by carelessness.

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Written by Boey Wong | 27.05.2017

Since these notes are relevant to our daily life, they are very important to the ones who use the app frequently. Then how to keep your important and private notes safe should be taken into consideration.

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Written by Boey Wong | 25.05.2017

I know iCloud backup will automatically generate in the condition of device plugging in a power source, Wi-Fi connected, and screen locked. But I don’t know what data iCloud would back up.

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Written by Boey Wong | 19.05.2017

Therefore, you need to find another way that can help you avoid data loss while retrieving deleted or lost data from an iCloud backup.

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Written by Boey Wong | 11.05.2017
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