However, thanks to a Google Pixel photo recovery tool, retrieving deleted or lost photos from Android device has turned to be a piece of cake.

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Written by Boey Wong | 28.04.2017

If you want to copy the Viber stickers to computer for further use, you should apply for a third party tool called FoneLab Android Data Recovery, which is a professional Android data backup tool

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Written by Boey Wong | 26.04.2017

It’s very smart of you to backup your iPhone data on computer. Because it could be a pain in the neck if you delete precious photos or a significant contact by accident, or other important files get lost due to system upgrade, factory reset, water damaged, broken, etc.

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Written by Boey Wong | 13.12.2016

Many Apple users prefer to backup their data to iCloud since iCloud enables them to do that without having to connect the device to computer comparing to iTunes.

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Written by Boey Wong | 06.12.2016

Many iPhone users would like to make an encrypted iTunes backup to keep safe of their personal data. But if you didn’t take a note of the password that you set to encryt the backup file and keep it safe, you probably would forget this password as time passby.

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Written by Boey Wong | 08.11.2016

But most of us may not know where are iTunes backups stored on Mac or Windows. In this post, I will show you how to backup your iPhone to an external hard drive without noticing the location of the backup files.

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Written by Boey Wong | 08.09.2016

As no one can forecast when these circumstances will happen, it is extremely important for Samsung phone users to back up their useful information to somewhere else like backup to computer.

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Written by Boey Wong | 23.05.2016

Nowadays, it is quite popular for people to use an Android phone as a tool for communication and entertainment. Especially sending and receiving text messages is one of the most popular features which enables us to communicate in a fast and interesting way or to do business.

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Written by Boey Wong | 06.05.2016

It is really essential to backup phone contacts to one or two mediums in case of the phone got stolen, lost, system crashed, water damaged, or other reasons which can cause data loss.

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Written by Boey Wong | 05.05.2016

The article will show you how to transfer contacts from Android to PC with ease in two ways. For your information, Android cloud backup is also a good choice for you to have a second copy of contacts.

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Written by Boey Wong | 04.05.2016
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