Follow this guide to quickly learn how to back up your iOS data to iTunes or iCloud.

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Written by Boey Wang | 14.12.2017

If you want to know something about iTunes backup encryption, you can learn how to lock or unlock your iPhone note password in this article.

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LisaWritten by Lisa Ou| 15.08.2017

While iTunes is a great medium for backing up iPhone to keep the data safe, it can be very difficult to get access to the backup file when you want to extract data from it.

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BoeyWritten by Boey Wong | 08.06.2017

Voice memo is a very convenient feature that allows iOS users to do many things like record a quick voice note of an inspiring idea, a conversation to prove something, an interview you want to send to your colleague, or a music concert that you treasure a lot.

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BoeyWritten by Boey Wong | 17.05.2017

Since upgrading to iOS 10, many users have reported that they are facing issues when it comes to syncing music with iTunes.

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BoeyWritten by Boey Wong | 13.10.2016

As we all know, if you are an Apple device user, you are able to transfer ringtones that you have purchased by syncing your device with iTunes. And many of us would like to do set different ringtones on their iPhone 7, 6S, iPhone SE to distinguish the incoming call and message on the device.

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BoeyWritten by Boey Wong | 12.09.2016

To be honest, moving your iTunes Library to your new computer is nothing really fun and if you have a large library, it could take hours, or even you may do it in the wrong way and end up in vain.

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BoeyWritten by Boey Wong | 07.09.2016

However, it is not uncommon that some of them may have ever encountered a situation that the songs they want to transfer from are in a different iTunes Library while Apple only allows users to sync an iOS device with a single iTunes Library at a time.

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BoeyWritten by Boey Wong | 03.09.2016

There is an easy way to transfer files to iPad without iTunes. That is using a third-party tool called FoneTrans for iOS which helps you get rid of the need to convert videos to the correct file type in the first place and transfer movies to iPad with no hassle.

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BoeyWritten by Boey Wong | 01.09.2016

To keep the purchased items safe, you probably want to back them up to iTunes. Regarding this, I would like to offer two ways to transfer purchases from iPhone to iTunes for the purpose of backing up.

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BoeyWritten by Boey Wong | 29.08.2016
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