Call History

Call history can play a vital role in life and work that you really need it. What to do when you delete important call logs with no backup available?

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BoeyWritten by Boey Wong | 28.12.2016

With its help, you are allowed to recover deleted call logs no matter which situation you face with like dead black screen, water damaged, broken and so on.

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BoeyWritten by Boey Wong | 27.04.2016

iPhone call log history contains all incoming calls, outgoing calls and missed calls. Sometimes, people would like to save the new incoming call numbers to Contacts, or make a phone call which is missed to pick up earlier. So it is quite significant to have a call log backup so that you can recover the mistakenly lost or deleted history from it.

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BoeyWritten by Boey Wong | 25.03.2016

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