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However, if you use the traditional way to restore iCloud backup, it will take very long time and all of your current iPhone data will be replaced by the data from the iPhone iCloud backup that you choose to restore.

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BoeyWritten by Boey Wong | 07.06.2017

As for Kik photos and videos, there is a quick way to download one by one.

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BoeyWritten by Boey Wong | 25.05.2017

Have you ever been through situations like smashed screen, virus infected, system upgrade failure, black screen or blank screen, water damaged when you use an Android smart phone for example Samsung Galaxy phone?

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BoeyWritten by Boey Wong | 13.04.2017

Actually, there are actions that you should do and not do after Android phone dropped into water.

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BoeyWritten by Boey Wong | 30.03.2017

In this case, you need a Android photo recovery tool to fix the bricked Android phone and recover photos, videos from the dead device.

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BoeyWritten by Boey Wong | 15.03.2017

What can you do in this case? Don’t worry, with a Moto X data recovery tool, it becomes a piece of cake to recover deleted videos from Android devices, too.

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BoeyWritten by Boey Wong | 17.01.2017

What’s worse, they have no backup of the deleted data. It must be a hard time after losing your precious videos that recording your lovely son’s first birthday party, your wedding, and all kinds of ceremonies.

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BoeyWritten by Boey Wong | 24.12.2016

Download videos from computer to iPhone with FoneTrans is much easier and more convenient. And it enables you to transfer other data between computer and Apple device.

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LisaWritten by Lisa Ou | 18.09.2016

There is an easy way to transfer files to iPad without iTunes. That is using a third-party tool called FoneTrans for iOS which helps you get rid of the need to convert videos to the correct file type in the first place and transfer movies to iPad with no hassle.

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BoeyWritten by Boey Wong | 01.09.2016

It’s a good iTunes alternative tool but even better than iTunes for its outstanding features. With the help of the software, you are not only allowed to transfer iTunes purchased videos, but also other downloaded videos from other sources.

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BoeyWritten by Boey Wong | 26.08.2016
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