This software can also recover text messages from black screen Samsung phone with a few clicks. Last but not least, kindly remind you it is so important to make regular backups of your critical Android data to prevent more loss occurring.

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Written by Boey Wong | 15.03.2017

The most terrible thing is not when your Android device stuck on black screen, is how to get back data from this dead device.

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Written by Boey Wong | 08.03.2017

How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages for OnePlus? Here you can find how to do it easily and quickly.

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Written by Lisa Ou | 16.02.2017

you have come to the right place. We will introduce FoneLab Android Data Recovery to you, an expert in data recovery for Android phones and tablets on OS 2.1 to 6.0.

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Written by Boey Wong | 30.12.2016

What can you do after your SMS or other data were lost or deleted? I recommend you should try a powerful android data recovery tool, FoneLab Android Data Recovery.

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Written by Boey Wong | 16.12.2016

Here we will recommend a very powerful third-party tool – FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery, which empowers users to directly recover data from iPhone, iPad or iPod on Mac or PC.

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Written by Boey Wong | 09.12.2016

Fortunately, you can recover deleted text messages because the messages don’t actually get deleted.

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Written by Boey Wong | 03.12.2016

The normal way to recover files is restoring your device with an available backup which will replace all current data on your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

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Written by Boey Wong | 24.11.2016

Here is a simple step-by-step guide showing you how to use FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery to recover the deleted MMS.

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Written by Boey Wong | 10.11.2016

I have done nothing, but this morning I found that all the notes on my iPhone 5 disappeared! That's really a terrible thing because I have the habit of taking notes everyday. Anybody has any idea how do I recover the deleted notes back?

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Written by Malcolm Gross | 23.12.2015
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