However, restoring your iPad to get rid of Apple logo requires that you have available backups, otherwise you will lose all your data on iPad by doing this.

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Written by Boey Wong | 27.11.2017

when you are running out of iPad storage space, there are lots of things you can do to quickly free up some space. Read the following small tutorial to learn the tricks and tips.

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Written by Boey Wong | 30.06.2017

It is a common action for websites to put a cookie, which is a small piece of data, on your browser to keep track of your search history and personal information.

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Written by Boey Wong | 29.06.2017

Most of the Apple users have encountered the annoying situation that their iPhone or iPad runs out of storage space causing them fail to upgrade their device to the new version of iOS, download new applications or take more photos, etc.

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Written by Boey Wong | 28.06.2017

Therefore, it is important to clear out your iPad memory completely if you plan to sell your iPad for any reason, so that no one can get access to your private data stored in it even when someone try to use a third party tool to scan deleted data from your device.

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Written by Boey Wong | 27.06.2017

If you have used your iPad for quite some while and you are a heavy website browser, your device must have generated a few hundred MB of browsing history and website data.

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Written by Boey Wong | 23.06.2017

Note that cache files usually don’t harm performance within an app, but they indeed bloat the storage system. In that case, you will need to clean out your iPad’s memory, unwanted data, and caches to free up storage spaces.

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Written by Boey Wong | 16.06.2017

If your haven’t used your Apple ID for a while, you may not remember the password. You can’t do a restore without entering password on iPad.

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Written by Boey Wong | 14.06.2017

However, the WSOD issue is not the terminator of your iOS device. Here are some tips can fix it in many cases.

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Written by Boey Wong | 27.05.2017

Most of us have met this problem, so you are not alone. Recovering data from iPad may become a big headache to you even though you have an old backup to restore from.

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Written by Boey Wong | 30.11.2016
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