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By using Voice Memo app on iOS device, you can easily record whatever sounds and events in daily life, such as an important meeting, an exciting speech, a special lectures, mysterious sounds, etc.

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BoeyWritten by Boey Wong | 09.06.2017

While iTunes is a great medium for backing up iPhone to keep the data safe, it can be very difficult to get access to the backup file when you want to extract data from it.

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BoeyWritten by Boey Wong | 08.06.2017

However, if you use the traditional way to restore iCloud backup, it will take very long time and all of your current iPhone data will be replaced by the data from the iPhone iCloud backup that you choose to restore.

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BoeyWritten by Boey Wong | 07.06.2017

In order to retrieve the lost WhatsApp chat history but keep the current data safe on iPhone, you need a WhatsApp extractor to help you achieve this. The tool I recommend you to use is FoneLab for iOS.

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BoeyWritten by Boey Wong | 21.04.2016

Actually, that’s why it is so important to back up iPad regularly. You will be safe in losing data after your iPad is stolen or broken. And many iPad owners do have synced iPad with iTunes to make sure they won’t lose the important data on iPad.

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BoeyWritten by Boey Wong | 14.04.2016

However, iTunes doesn’t allow transferring music from iPhone to PC due to some copyright issues. In this case, you need a practical music transfer app to help you do this job.

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BoeyWritten by Boey Wong | 08.04.2016

Text messages are now taking over calls and e-mails. The text messages on your iPhone are one of your most important forms of communication with your friends, family, lovers and workmates. For no matter what reasons, you’ve all found a time where you would like to make backups of certain meaningful, important, or even incriminating conversations.

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BoeyWritten by Boey Wong | 05.04.2016

However, iCloud has its limit because Apple only provides users one way to access iCloud by logging to iCloud official site and you can only view part of data not complete data. You will find that those data you can reach on iCloud website site includes photos, contacts, calendar, notes, mail, etc.

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BoeyWritten by Boey Wong | 31.03.2016

Actually, there is an iPhone backup extractor can help you reach and use the backup files from iTunes or iCloud. This iPhone data extractor is called FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery.

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BoeyWritten by Boey Wong | 26.03.2016

So you are not able to extract any value data from iTunes backup on your computer. However, there actually is some kind of iPhone backup viewer or iPhone backup extractor which has a powerful function to preview and extract certain selective data from iTunes backup.For example, FoneLab for iOS is one of the itunes backup extractor you’re looking for.

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BoeyWritten by Boey Wong | 25.03.2016
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