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Android APK

You can use a nice call block app to block unwanted, spam calls, and other contents for your Android phone. Here we will introduce 10 best call block for Android to you.

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Written by Lisa Ou | 10.01.2017

A useful scanner app on Android helps you to scan these files on the go, and send them easily with Email or social media apps, upload these scans to cloud services and more.

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Written by Lisa Ou | 04.01.2017

A good root application enables you to delete some items easily and quickly without complex process. In this article, we would like to introduce top 10 Android Root APKs to you.

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Written by Lisa Ou | 16.12.2016

A nice Android antivirus software helps you to detect viruses, malware, spyware and others on your phone and kill them to keep your phone and personal information safe.

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Written by Lisa Ou | 06.12.2016

File Manager is an important application for Android phone, because it helps people to browse files, find downloads, manage storage space, move things around, and a lot more. Here are 10 of the best Android file managers for you.

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Written by Lisa Ou | 29.11.2016

A simple and powerful instant communicate application allows their users to send text or media messages, even make video calls free completely. There are 10 best instant messengers for you.

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Written by Lisa Ou | 22.11.2016

Here we will give you some options to try with your Android device and choose the one suites you.

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Written by Lisa Ou | 09.11.2016

Here we will introduce 10 wallpaper applications for your Android device. You don’t have to search through millions of photos on the web, just check out the following cool wallpaper applications for Android below and make your device look stunning.

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Written by Lisa Ou | 02.11.2016

Cameras on smartphones is so important for users to take photos anytime they want, so a nice camera application helps you to capture every moment.

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Written by Lisa Ou | 26.10.2016

Smartphone can do some incredible things besides phone call and send text messages nowadays. While it's important to have the tools which are used to edit the images. Having a good photo editor on your phone enables you to edit your photos quickly and easily.

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Written by Lisa Ou | 20.10.2016
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