However, data loss can’t be avoid even on Google Pixel phones since there are many factors that can lead to lose data, such as accidentally deletion, software upgrade failure, custom ROMs, rooting, formatting, Android system crash, etc.

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Written by Boey Wong | 26.04.2017

Many Samsung Galaxy smartphone users do not know the exact reason why the screen will go black. Actually, some causes you can take into consideration that can lead to a black screen of death issue.

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Written by Boey Wong | 31.03.2017

ZTE has win a certain amount of customers for its solid quality. The ZTE users keep important information like phone number, contact name, e-mail address, Company name, websites, etc in their phone.

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Written by Boey Wong | 14.12.2016

It is not uncommon that people have to reset iPhone to factory settings if there is something wrong with it. Meanwhile, you will lose all your iPhone data as a result.

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Written by Boey Wong | 21.11.2016

Even though, there are still ways to make it. Depends on what format you want to export your iPhone contacts to, you will have two options to choose. Read below simple tutorial for more details.

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Written by Boey Wong | 29.10.2016

It’s true that your iPhone will only let you delete one contact directly in the Contacts app at a time. Which may be annoying for those people who have a lot of to delete.

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Written by Boey Wong | 25.10.2016

If you are a huge fan of Outlook and own an iPhone at the same time, you should know both the ways to sync Outlook contacts with iPhone and sync iPhone contacts with Outlook.

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Written by Boey Wong | 19.10.2016

However, syncing process will lead to a result that both contacts from the device and the cloud storage service will be merged together.

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Written by Boey Wong | 21.09.2016

If you don’t use iCloud or iTunes, don’t worry as you have another option to make it. Use a third-party software instead. Now I will show you how to transfer contacts from iPhone to another in these three ways.

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Written by Boey Wong | 26.08.2016

Contacts are considered as an extremely important part of the phone’s software. So users will try all means to assure their contacts remaining safe and secure.

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Written by Boey Wong | 24.08.2016
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