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In this post, we will show you three ways to backup notes on iPhone, via Gmail, iCloud and a powerful iPhone data backup software.

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Written by Boey Wang | 13.12.2017

Apple has added a feature that allows you to set a password to protect personal musings in the Notes app, you can learn how to lock or unlock your iPhone note password in this article.

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LisaWritten by Lisa Ou| 15.08.2017

Since these notes are relevant to our daily life, they are very important to the ones who use the app frequently. Then how to keep your important and private notes safe should be taken into consideration.

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BoeyWritten by Boey Wong | 25.05.2017

I hope you have made a copy of the deleted note to some other places like iCloud or your computer.

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BoeyWritten by Boey Wong | 25.11.2016

Therefore, what if you haven’t created any backups before or you don’t want to lose your current data while recovering iPhone note from a backup?

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BoeyWritten by Boey Wong | 23.11.2016

I have done nothing, but this morning I found that all the notes on my iPhone 5 disappeared! That's really a terrible thing because I have the habit of taking notes everyday. Anybody has any idea how do I recover the deleted notes back?

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MalcolmWritten by Malcolm Gross | 23.12.2015

If you have accidently removed the notes on the iPad or there is any damage to iPad. You might recover deleted notes on the iPad safely.

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MalcolmWritten by Malcolm Gross | 21.12.2015
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