Creators’ Paradise: Surface Studio – Microsoft’s All-in-one PC


November 1, 2016 09:00 / Posted by Boey Wong

Microsoft Corp held a new launch event in New York City on October 26, 2016. The company announced it’s first all-in-one Windows 10 desktop to the world, Surface Studio, which is just amazing and shocking. Along with it, is an accessory to the Studio called Surface Dial sold separately for $99. Essentially, the Dial is a controlling, you can adjust volume, scroll through documents, zoom in and out of images and more, depending on the app. It can also be placed directly onto the Surface Studio’s screen to aim in creation. The Surface Studio is perfectly designed for designers, art workers, or other kinds of creators.

Microsoft's Launch Event

Surface Studio will be available in limited quantities in the beginning of next year for $2,999, $3499, or $4199, depending on hardware options. Preorders begin since then and the Surface Studio will also be showcased in Microsoft retail stores ahead of its release. As the leader of Microsoft’s devices team said “We totally believe that Surface changes the way you produce, the way you create, the way you learn”.

Surface Studio

On first glance of Studio, the beautiful big monitor attracts my eyes as it is the world’s thinnest LCD monitor ever built at 12.5mm and more surprise is it has a 28-inch touch screen with a 4x3 aspect ratio and 13.5 million pixels, which is 63 percent more than a 4K television. The Surface Studio supports expanded color output and the color gamut is tuned to meet the requirements of photographers, illustrators and video producers which is critical for those who need to know exactly how green their greens are. Needless to say, it’s vivid.


Apart from the wide color gamut and high-definition touch screen mentioned above, Microsoft adds the True Scale function while adjusting the system adaptation as well. In short, the screen display ratio and the actual size is 1:1. For example, open a Word document in an A4 paper size on the Surface Studio, you will see the document is as large as the true A4 paper on the screen. Works in the same way for other design software, you are able to revert your work piece as it is in the real world directly on the screen. There is no better function than this for a designer to optimize his design more intuitively.

Design on Surface Studio

Surface Studio’s shell is made of aluminum alloy material, the base and screen is connected and stabilized by two aluminum alloy wag arms. With a little effort, such as by using a finger, you can change the angle and position of the screen. Microsoft called it “zero gravity”. The following picture shows the internal structure of the wag arm which enables the screen to be pressed to a minimum angle of 20 ° against the desk. No matter what angle you place the Surface Studio, you will not see the wag arms. This is one of the details that the hardware team is most proud of.


The Surface Studio also introduces a new way of interacting: Dial. It is a multi-function knob that can be pressed or rotated. You can use it to view web pages and files, zoom in or out of the interface, or adjust the volume. But its function is far more than that. Because when you stick it on the Surface Studio’s screen, the computer recognizes it and compatible apps can incorporate it as an on-screen tool. The creators’ tools should not be limited to only mouse and keyboard, they should also includes a brush and a whole screen. For example, when you are working with drawing application, you can paint on the screen while using Dial to adjust the color of the brush, or the size of the brush, or strength, etc. Dial is a button that allows you to customize.

Surface Dial

Another major highlight of Surface Studio, is the microphone array composed by a number of microphones which means you can wake Cortana (the personal assistant) in a not fairly quiet environment like 5 meters away from the device and still get an accurate answer. All the core components of the device are placed in the bottom of the screen box. It is equipped by the sixth generation of Core Skylake processor and NVIDIA GPU (GTX 965M) chip. The Surface Studio comes with 2TB hybrid hard drive and 32 GB of internal storage. All these hardware together can completely fulfill the normal daily use.


In the end, let’s talk about the price. Core i7 processor / 8GB of storage / 1TB solid-state hard drive / GTX 965M 2GB GPU version is priced at 2,999 US dollars, Core i7 processor / 16GB of storage / 1TB solid-state hard drive / GTX 965M 2GB GPU version is priced at 3,499 US dollars, Core i7 processor / 32GB of storage / 2TB solid-state hard drive / GTX 980M 4GB of GPU version is priced at 4199 US dollars. These products are currently accepted pre-order on Microsoft’s US official website and expected to be released in the beginning of the year of 2017.

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