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Author: LowtechLatest Version: 1.4.9Publish Date: October 5, 2016
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Overview of Slither.io

This game is so easy to play, you just control its directions by your fingers, and it allows you to choose which skin and mode you prefer to use. It is obvious that you will explode and lose this game if you have head touched other players. But you still have a chance to defeat others, just swerve in front of others, and then you can eat their remains to make yourself longer. Keep fighting against others, then you can become the longest player.

Test & Review

Slither.io is a game which requires your rapid reaction. You have to avoid running into other players when you are eating. And you need to think about that how to escape from others or swerve in front of them to defeat them, so that you can eat their remains to make yourself stronger. It is not only a game, but also tell you that no matter that whether you want to hurt other or not, they will defeat you to protect themselves to earn their living.



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