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Rolling sky APK

Author: Cheetah GamesLatest Version: Date: October 9, 2016
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Overview of Rolling sky

Rolling Sky enables you to simply operate the ball to avoid falling in the traps or hitting on the barriers. You can gain diamonds while you have passed former obstacles. Its stunning 3D effects of different rich scenes makes you addicted in this board game, but no need to worry about that you have not enough balls to play at all. You can get more balls freely via watching its advertisements. It is a completely free game but you can pay for charged items if you think that you need more balls or shields.

Test & Review

It is an easy game which I need to avoid to fall in the traps and control the ball turn left or right. No need to jump to crossover the barriers. The 3D effects are stunning that makes me feel nervous when I am playing this game. I can choose which scenes, which is with different difficulties, to play. And there is background music for this game, so it won’t make you feel boring when you are playing the Rolling Sky game.



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