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My Talking Tom APK

Author: Outfit7Latest Version: Date: Sep 19, 2016
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Overview of My Talking Tom

If you want to adopt a pet but can’t do it, My Talking Tom enables you to take care of your own virtual kitten as you like. When it is hungry, sleepy, bored, you have to speed it, turn the light off and tuck it bed, play with it. You can also play with it, its emotions change according to how you play with it. You can even speak with it and see how will it respond. What’s more, there are more than 10 games which you can play to get more coins.

Test & Review

I really want to adopt a cat but it is not allowed at my home. So it really make me exciting after installing this game. I can adopt a kitten to a full grown cat now. I can not only name it, feed it, tuck it bed, play with it, but also play and speak with it. Its emotions always change. It smiles when I play with it that make me feel happy. No matter that it is a virtual pet or not, it is what I really care about all the time.



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