Spotify Recorder - Record Music from Spotify in 2020

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Aug 17, 2020 16:00 / Posted by Lisa Ou

Recently, we have received similar questions like "can I record my Spotify playlist" from users. If you also want to learn about it, you have come to the right place.

As one of the most popular music players, Spotify allows users to listen to music, choose improved streaming music, download music for offline listening, etc. More importantly, it is available for almost all platforms, including Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android phone and web online player.

Spotify Recorder - Record Music from Spotify in 2020

It is easy to use, you can sign up a new account with Facebook account or email. Then start using it on computer program, iPhone or Android phone app or web page on a browser accordingly. It allows you to add songs to liked song list then you can access what you like whenever you want.

However, every coin has two sides. Below are its advantages and disadvantages you might want to weight.


  1. Listen to millions of songs and podcasts without payment.
  2. You can use it on computer, mobile phone or web page as you want.
  3. It is convenient to download music from Spotify to computer or mobile phone easily.
  4. No credit card needed.
  5. Block explicit music.
  6. Ad-free music listening.
  7. On-demand playback.


  1. Watermark with freemium version.
  2. You need to get premium version to remove ads.

As you know, downloading music and playback offline is not available for free Spotify account. Therefore, you need to find another solution if you want to listen to these wonderful songs anywhere - even offline.

1. Record Spotify with FoneLab Screen Recorder

The first in our list is FoneLab Screen Recorder, which is a powerful tool to record Spotify to MP3 and other formats you like. With its incredible features, you can easily record music on computer within a few clicks. Moreover, it also can capture screen with sound if you want.

How to Record Music from Spotify via FoneLab Screen Recorder

Go to FoneLab Screen Recorder official site, download and install the program on computer. Then run it after that.

Select Audio Recorder on the main interface, then enable System Sound.

fonelab screen recorder interface

Click REC button to begin recording, run Spotify and play the song you want to record. Click the stop button when it is done. Then choose a computer folder to save your Spotify recorded music.

fonelab screen recorder choose audio recorder

Unbelievable, right? You can also see its video editing tools if you choose Video Recorder. It enables you to add annotations including shape, number, text, line, etc to recording videos as you need. As a result, it is helpful for people who want to make a course with remarks. In addition, you can use it to record streaming audio, stream video, and many others.

2. Record Spotify with Audacity

Audacity is a free Spotify recorder, which is also an open-source digital audio editor on Windows, Mac, Linux and others. With its intuitive interface and a wide-range language translating, you can find out how to use it quickly without additional instructions.

Record Songs from Spotify by Audacity

Download and install Audacity from official site, then open it.

Click the first button under the microphone-like icon, select Windows WASAPI.

choose audio host on audacity

Click the third button under the microphone-like icon and choose 2 (Stereo) Recording Channel.

choose 2 stereo recording channel audacity

Click the microphone-like icon on the computer taskbar to confirm its device name, then click the fourth button to select audio playback device you have.

choose audio playback device on audactiy

Click record button to begin recording. And then play Spotify music.

click audacity recording button

Click Stop button whenever you want.

click audacity stop button

Click File > Export, then choose the format you want to save.

export audacity audio

Although Audacity is a popular free screen recorder, you also need to pay attention to its drawbacks. As the report said, there are some unknown bugs that can cause Audacity to become unstable. For instance, it is better that you can learn more methods to record Spotify music.

3. Spotify Web Recorder

In order to record from Spotify, people can easily search recorders from Google, such as Any screen recorder, OBS recorder, etc. Then they can download and install them on computer. However, some people would like to choose online recorders because of their convenience.

In some ways, online tools have to simplify their functions to make them run smoother without installation. Some people might think online recorders might be made with poor features. Not exactly. This is the last online Spotify recorder, Apowersoft online recorder, which is one of the most effective tools to help you record screen with webcam and audio online without quality loss.

How to Record Songs from Spotify via Online Tool

As Apowersoft online screen recorder is a web-based tool, so you need to download its online launcher when it is the first you try to use it. Go to the official site, then click Start Recording button and follow the on-screen instructions to install it.

As you are not allowed to record audio only, choose any region of your screen, then choose System sound. Hit the REC button to start recording.

record screen with spotify music via apowersoft

Play music with Spotify. Then stop recording and save the recorded music whenever you want.

With the above-mentioned recommended 3 methods, you can 100% fix your problem about how to record Spotify. FoneLab Screen Recorder is the best choice for you. Why not download and have a try now!

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