How to Download Music from Spotify with/without Premium | 2020

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“Sometimes, I want to listen to Spotify music offline as it is inconvenient to access internet connection. Can I download music from Spotify to my computer?”

Nowadays, as a popular music tool, Spotify enables users to listen to music on computer or mobile phone with stable internet connection. It looks quite easy to navigate your playlist by logging in the same account on different platforms through connecting the internet.

How to Download Music from Spotify with/without Premium | 2020

Here comes the question, what if you are unable to connect to the Wi-Fi or cellular data? You can download Spotify music if you have paid for the premium plan. What’s more, what to do if you have a free version of Spotify at this moment? That’s what we will discuss in this post.

1. How to Download Music from Spotify to Computer or Mobile Phone with Premium

Spotify has different versions, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Windows Mobile and Chromebook. But most of them have similar operations to download Spotify music.

If you want to know more about how does Spotify download work, you should move on.

Download A Spotify Playlist on Mobile Phone

Spotify download a playlist or an entire album rather than a song individually. You can simply use follow below demonstration to save songs to iOS, Android, or Windows mobile phones.

Create a playlist if you don’t have one. Then open it.

Toggle on the Download button. Then it will be turned to Downloading which means Spotify is waiting to download local files.

Then you can set offline mode through Settings > Playback > offline mode.

download spotify songs to mobile phone

Download Spotify Song to PC or Mac

For people who would like to play songs on computer, this part will tell you show to download Spotify playlist correctly.

Go to the playlist or album you want to download. If you haven’t added any music yet, you can just browse the channel and right-click to add them to your playlist.

Go to the playlist, toggle the button next to Download, then it will be turned to Downloaded once it is completed.

download spotify songs to computer

Enable Spotify Offiline Mode through File > Offline Mode. If you are an Mac user, click Spotify > Offline Mode.

Sometimes, you might encounter some situations like Spotify not downloading songs and something else with premium version. That’s why you should always have plan B to make sure you can get what you want without hassle.

2. How to Download Music from Spotify without Premium

You can find various kinds of Spotify downloader online to help you download Spotify music with free plan. Depending on Spotify on different platforms, you should choose the right Spotify music downloader accordingly.

Spotify Music Downloader - Computer Program

There are some tools on computer, which are called Spotify downloader (Mac or Windows) to download from Spotify free or paid. It is easy to use, so you can download Spotify music within a few clicks.

Below are top 3 downloaders you should have a try.

Top 1. TunesKit


Top 2. KeepVid


Top 3. Sidify

Here we will show you detailed steps about how to download from Spotify free with Sidify.

Download and install Spotify downloader on PC or Mac, then run it.

sidify interface

Click Add to drag and drop a playlist to the interface, then click Settings to choose output format, path, name.

Click Convert button.

After that, if you want to know where does Spotify download music to PC or Mac, you can check the output path through Settings.

Spotify and Deezer Music Downloader - Chrome Extension

You might know that Premium Spotify downloading feature is not available for web player. It is frustrating that you will be required to download and install the program on your computer or mobile phone before saving music locally.

In this case, a Chrome extension, which is called Spotify deezer music downloader extension, will be helpful. You just need to install a light-weight extension on Chrome, then follow the instructions to download songs from Spotify free.

spotify deezer music downloader interface

Open Chrome web store and search Spotify™ & Deezer™ Music Downloader. Click Add to Chrome button on the right side.

spotify deezer music downloader extension

Click the add extension button on pop-up window to install it.

Once installed, the extension adds green icons to the right of the songs. Just click the green Download button to save them to computer.

spotify deezer music downloader

Spotify Downloader for Android or iPhone - Mobile Phone App

If you have custom to use Spotify on iPhone, Windows mobile or Android phone, you can use some mobile phone app to download Spotify songs. In this part, we will introduce Spotify downloaders on Android or iPhone individually.

Spotify Downloader on Android

  1. Napster
  2. napster
  3. Shazam
  4. shazam
  5. iTube Music
  6. iTube Music

Spotify Downloader on iPhone

  1. Amazon Music
  2. amazon music
  3. Soundcloud
  4. soundcloud
  5. Musixhub
  6. musixhub

It is difficult to definite which one is the best, but you can choose one from thousands of options that suits you best to fix the problem about how to download music from Spotify for free or paid.

Download Music from Spotify to Computer - FoneLab Screen Recorder

Someone asks questions like “Can you download MP3 from Spotify”, the answer is No.

Unfortunately, Spotify is not designed to download music in MP3 format. So, it means that you are not allowed to download Spotify playlists to MP3 even with its premium plan.

What’s more, you are unable to export Spotify music to iTunes or wherever although you can import music from other sources to Spotify playlist. Because it has restriction to protect its songs.

However, it is inconvenient that people lost control of their favorite music or podcast. You should figure out other methods.

Here, FoneLab Screen Recorder, which is a powerful music recorder, is highly recommended to you. It can do something better what Spotify can’t for you. Please check below comparison table.

Name Format Spotify download quality Max songs Transfer Spotify music
Spotify Premium ogg vorbis Normal – 96 kbit/s (Default)
High – 160 kbit/s (free)
Very High – 320 kbit/s (premium)
10,000 songs no
FoneLab Screen Recorder mp3, wma, m4a,  aac lowest, low, middle, high, highest, lossless Unlimited yes

As you can see, FoneLab Screen Recorder provides a wider range of options to save and listen to music. Except for the above-mentioned features, you can also find more advantages that you should not miss it.

  1. It is available for both Windows and Mac.
  2. Records screen video, audio and webcam.
  3. Add annotations to video during recording.
  4. Take screenshots with ease.
  5. Record both microphone and system sound.
  6. Save recordings to wherever you want.
  7. Supports different video and audio formats.
  8. Unlimited restrictions.
  9. You can record Spotify music one by one.
  10. Record Spotify music from web player.

Below is the detailed tutorial about how to download songs from Spotify to computer.

Visit Spotify Recorder official site, download and install it. Then run it on computer.

launch fonelab screen recorder

Choose Audio Recorder on the main interface. Then you need to enable microphone or system sound as your needs. It is no doubt that you are also allowed to adjust volume before recording.

Play the song which you want to record on Spotify by program or web player. Then back to FoneLab Screen Recorder interface to click REC button to begin recording.

audio recorder

Click Stop icon when it is done. Select a desired folder to save the recordings.

save the recording video

It seems easy, right? FoneLab Screen Recorder will be a wise choice of music recorder for people who want to save Spotify music simply with lossless quality. Why not download and have a try now!

If you have more queries, please leave comments below.

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