Top 5 Best Slow Motion Video Recorder Apps for iPhone and Android

Lisa OuPosted by Lisa Ou / Feb 01, 2021 16:00

Slo-mo is the abbreviation of slow motion. It can slow down a recorded video with an accelerated rate. Thus, the recorded action will be much slower than in the playback instead of real life. Slow motion is one of the most popular effects in videos. You can see slo mo video in TikTok, Vigo Video and other short video apps. Actually, you can also make a cinematic moment by using your mobile camera quickly. All you need is a slow mo video recorder app. No matter you want to record slo-mo videos on iPhone or Android, you can shoot and edit slow motion videos with the following apps here.

Top 5 Best Slow Motion Video Recorder Apps for iPhone and Android

1. Top 5 Slo Mo Video Recorder Apps for iPhone and Android


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Which is the best slow mo video recorder app for iOS or Android? If you have no idea which slo mo video app to choose, you can get some advice here.

Top 1: iOS Slow-mo Recording

Slow-mo is supported since iPhone 5 iOS 9. You can create a slo mo video by using the slow motion mode on iPhone. In the newly-released iPhone XS and later iOS devices, you can get excellent slow mo skills. You can get stunning slow mo effects of flowing water, explosions and other action videos. As for iOS 13 users, you can edit a slow-mo video on iPhone with photo editing tools as well after record video with iPhone.

  1. Record slo-mo videos on iPhone XR, XS and later devices.
  2. Change slow motion camera settings on iPhone between 120 fps and 240 fps.
  3. Edit iPhone slo mo videos on iOS 13 by trimming, cropping adjusting visual effects on more.
record slo mo video on iphone

Top 2: Slow Motion Video Fx Editor

You can slow down the video speed on iPhone with Slow Motion Video Fx Editor as well. It is supported to hold the video’s specific portion and frame rate. You can record slow mo for a part of video on iPhone only. Moreover, the slow mo video editor app offers multiple output and sharing features.

  1. Apply slow-mo, time lapse or stop motion into normal video.
  2. Record live stream video on iPhone with slo mo effects and speed control options.
  3. Share iPhone slow mo videos to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and more directly.  
smo motion video fx editor

Top 3: Slow Motion Video FX

If you want to convert a normal speed video into slow motion, you can use Slow Motion Video FX. It is a slo mo recorder app for Android. You can slow down a video of the entire video or selected point. Furthermore, you can add music into a slow mo video on Android.

  1. Turn a normal video into slow motion with custom speed.
  2. Slow down the video’s speed with different time points.
  3. Add sound and video filters into slo mo videos.
slo motion video fx

Top 4: Motion Camera – Slow Motion

You can add fast motion and slow motion effects to your local videos. The slow motion camera app is good to use. Though it will be laggy or even freeze occasionally. Moreover, some ads pop up when you record slo mo video with Motion Camera.

  1. Record screen video with slow motion.
  2. Add motion blur and other video effects.
  3. Share Android slow motion videos to social media platforms.
motion camera

Top 5: Video Speed

Just as its name shows, Video Speed allows users to create slo mo video playbacks. The slo mo video recorder app for Android is completely free to use.You can add slow video motion to your downloaded videos. Or you can record slo mo videos as slow as ¼.

  1. Record a video in slow motion.
  2. Make fast motion or slow motion videos stored in Gallery.
  3. Wide support of output video format and quality.
video speed

2. Can’t Record Screen Video on Your Phone, Try This one

If you can’t record screen video with internal audio on iPhone or Android, you can mirror your iPhone or Android phone’s screen or use an emulator app. After running an application on your computer’s screen, you can use FoneLab Screen Recorder. The screen recording software can record any live streaming video and audio with low CPU usage. Thus, you can record gameplay, Skype calls, online meetings and more without lag.

  1. Secretly record screen video with internal and external audio from your phone.
  2. Add annotations to draw on your video recording.
  3. Add a webcam overlay while recording iPhone or Android screen.
  4. Use hotkeys to record video/audio and take a screenshot.

All in all, you can record slow motion videos on iPhone and Android with the built-in camera app. You can also change normal videos into slow motions videos by using the above slo mo video recorder apps. There is no maximum time limit on-screen recording. You can record video continuously on your phone, unless the storage space runs out.

FoneLab Screen Recorder
FoneLab Screen Recorder

FoneLab Screen Recorder allows you to capture video, audio, online tutorial, etc on Windows/Mac, and you can easily customize size, edit the video or audio, and more.

  • Record video, audio, webcam and take screenshots on Windows/Mac.
  • Preview data before saving.
  • It is safe and easy to use.
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