How to Download and Capture Viki Video Offline for iPhone or Android Devices

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July 18, 2019 09:00 / Posted by Valyn Hua

When you just binged a long series of Korean dramas in, you should be frustrated to watch them on the go or under poor Wi-Fi environment. How to download Viki videos offline? Actually, Viki does not provide a download option.

record viki vidoes

What should you do? You can enter the URLs of the Viki dramas to download Viki video, or record the video from Viki. But different from the other online streaming sites, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu, Netflix, etc., it uses a different algorithm to protect the video files. FoneLab Screen Recorder should be a feasible video recorder to capture Viki videos offline.

1. How to Capture Viki Videos in a High Quality

Method 1. Capture Viki Videos with FoneLab

In order to find a workable solution to download Viki videos, FoneLab Screen Recorder enables you to record video, capture audio and take snapshots. You can record gameplay, Skype calls, YouTube videos and all online streaming, including Viki videos.

  1. Capture online streaming videos, HD videos, 4K UHD video, and 4K UHD encoding video formats.
  2. The Blue-light real time HD video encoding technology to guarantee recording files with image and sound quality.
  3. Add text, arrow, line, callouts, and even draw on the video or screenshot with annotation tools.
  4. Manage the captured videos, audios and pictures within a Media Manager with easy process.

Launch the Viki capturer on computer

Just download and install the latest version of FoneLab Screen Recorder on your computer. After that launch the program to capture videos from Viki. If you have already purchased the program, you can activate the program to record videos as long as you want.

screen recorder homepage

LChoose Viki video recording frame

Click the Video Recorder to choose the frame of the Viki video, you can use the mouse-recording feature or manually adjust the frame. After that you can choose the System Sound to record the audio files of Viki videos.

audio recorder

LRecord videos from Viki

After that, you can click the REC button to record and download Viki videos. Go to the Preferences to select the best video quality, video formats, audio format, and other settings for the videos.

record viki video

LAdd annotation to video files

When you recording Viki videos, you can also add some lines, callouts, texts and other elements to the videos. As for the case, you can highlight the important part of the Viki videos.

Method 2. Capture Viki Videos with Powerpoint

Powerpoint(PPT) is a common powerful tool to complete different difficult tasks on computer. It has a feature to let you capture screen on computer with ease.

LRun PPT and click Insert > Screen Recording.

insert ppt screen record

LClick Select Area to choose what you want to capture, and then begin to record screen.

ppt screen record settings

Method 3. Capture Viki Videos with QuickTime on Mac

QuickTime is a program on Mac, which you can use to record high-quality videos. It is easy to use and you can manage the videos on Mac effectively.

LLaunch Quick Time.

LClick File > New Screen Recording.

screen recording with quicktime.jpg

2. 3 Methods to Download Viki Dramas Online

If you just need to download Viki dramas online, you can still try some online video downloaders. But you should pay attention to some restrictions for these programs beforehand.

1. Downloadvideosfrom

Downloadvideosfrom has a special channel to download Viki videos. Just copy and paste the URL into the program, the program is able to download videos as MP3 or MP4.


  1. Unable to detect or download videos offline from Viki.
  2. Save the videos to MP3 or MP4 files only.
  3. Some high risk reports for the online video downloader.


  1. Download videos from Viki and hundreds of other channels.
  2. Save the files to your computer without advertisements.

2. Tubeoffline

Tubeoffline is another free online Viki video downloader. It is able to convert video from Viki to your computer. Just enter the URL of the Viki video to download video to MP4, FLV, AVI, WMV or MP3 format.


  1. Download VPN in order to protect the IP to download the video files.
  2. Sometimes it is Unable to detect or download videos from online streaming.
  3. Lose some video quality when converting videos to other formats.


  1. Download and convert Viki videos to MP4, FLV, AVI, WMV and more.
  2. Adjust the video quality to get the best result for Viki videos.

3. Online Downloader

When you need to download and convert Viki videos, Online Downloader is another nice solution. The program is able to convert the audio track of your video files to MP3 and MP4.


  1. In order to download Viki videos, you have to subscribe service instead.
  2. The downloading process might be stopped at a certain point.
  3. It takes a much longer time to download Viki videos than other programs.


  1. Convert Viki videos to multiple video formats, audio formats and devices.
  2. Download video from Viki, YouTube, Vimeo and more than 200 websites.
online downloader

Whether you need to download or capture videos from Viki, you can find the suitable solutions from the article. If you want to download Viki videos, you can try 3 recommended methods from the article. Recording Ustream or Viki videos with FoneLab Screen Recorder is a 100% workable method to get the videos offline.

If you have any other query about how to download and capture Viki videos, you can share more detailed information in the article.

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