How to Record Music from iTunes Radio on Your Windows/Mac Computer

Valyn Hua

Oct 12, 2018 09:00 / Posted by Valyn Hua

- I would like to save tracks from Apple Music for offline playback. Can somebody help me how to do that?
- I was just wondering if there was a piece of audio recorder that would allow me to record Internet radio through iTunes…

iTunes Radio is the main service of Apple Music. In the past times, you can listen to iTunes radio stations for free. However, Apple Music announced that iTunes Radio did not offer any free service since January 28, 2016. It means you need to subscribe to Apple Music before enjoying iTunes radio stations.

If you do not want to spend extra money, then you can record iTunes Radio to get free songs. Furthermore, it is also a good way to listen to iTunes Radio offline. You can even extract audio clips from iTunes Radio for free. From this article, you can learn how to record audios from iTunes Radio on your computer or smartphone. Just read and follow.

1. How to Record Streaming Audios on Your iPhone

Though there is the iOS 11 screen recording feature inserted, you cannot record iTunes Radio directly. In another word, iOS 11 users can record microphone audios for free only. Thus, if you want to record iTunes songs on your iPhone, you need to turn to an iTunes radio Recorder app for help. Well, Radio Record app is a good choice. The application can record over 50 radio stations.

Still, it is not easy to record streaming audios from iTunes Radio with an app on your iPhone. You need to prepare another mobile phone to capture all audio files. Be aware that two digital devices should be as close as possible. Also, you can use a portable audio recorder to record iTunes streaming radios. Though it may cost you hundreds of dollars.

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2. Best Way to Record iTunes Radio on Your PC and Mac

Just as above mentioned, it is not convenient to record music from iTunes Radio on an iPhone or iPad. So if you want to record iTunes Radio, you can turn to FoneLab Screen Recorder for help. The iTunes recorder software can capture both system sound and microphone voice with no time limitation. Thus, you can record songs and music from iTunes Radio freely. Just make sure there is enough storage space for the audio recording file.

What’s more, you can skip the unwanted part from iTunes Radio using the program’s Pause and Resume options, which enables you to record and rip iTunes radios smartly.

It provides several output formats for your selection and the default audio output format is MP3. If you do not want to record iTunes Radio to MP3, you can manage the output audio quality and other references preferences before recording.

Main Features of the Best iTunes Radio Recorder

  1. Record streaming movies, gameplays, tutorials, YouTube videos and other activities without lag.
  2. Capture your favorite voice or record streaming music on the computer, as well as iTunes Radio stations.
  3. Take snapshots with various filters during or after recording.
  4. Export the video, audio or image in high quality and selectable format.
  5. Use hotkeys to record videos, audios or screenshots directly.

How to Record Music from iTunes Radio

Launch FoneLab Screen Recorder

Free download and install FoneLab Screen Recorder on your computer. You can use the iTunes Radio recorder software on Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP. As for Mac users, you need to make sure you are running the OS X 10.6 or above versions. Then launch the audio recorder after the installation.

launch fonelab screen recorder

Select the audio recorder

To record iTunes Radio streaming songs, you need to click the Audio Recorder option. Now it is time to choose whether to record the system sound or microphone voice. Of course, it’s OK if you want to record both the internal and external audios. Moreover, you can move the Volume slider below to turn up or down the input volume.

select the aodio recorder

Export the recording iTunes audio

Click the REC icon to start recording. You need to open the iTunes radio station within the 3-second countdown. Pause and resume while recording if necessary. When the iTunes recording ends, a preview window pops up. You can pre-listen the recording iTunes radio file. Later, click Save followed by Next to save the audio file. Well, you can share the iTunes Radio recording to YouTube and other sites by one click.

select the aodio recorder

3. Is It Possible to Record Music from iTunes to a CD

Actually, you can burn audio CDs, MP3 CDs, data CDs and DVDs in iTunes directly. To start with, you can create a playlist that contains the purchased songs. Well, make sure there is a checkmark beside the audio file. Otherwise, you will fail to record Apple Music to a CD.

Run iTunes

Insert a blank disc into your computer. Run iTunes and choose the playlist. You can select Burn Playlist to Disc from the File drop-down menu.

Record iTunes music to a CD

Set the disc format, recording speed, amounts of silence and other settings. Later, click the Burn option to start burning iTunes songs to an audio CD. It takes several minutes the complete the CD burning process.

burn-itunes music to cd

All in all, you can run FoneLab Screen Recorder to record iTunes Radio and other broadcasting audio files in high quality. For instance, you can record YouTube music videos or capture Mac streaming audio tracks without downloading. Yes. even though there is no such a download option, you can still extract Internet audios easily. In some degrees, it is not legal to record iTunes songs due to the copyright protection. So you had better not apply those audio recordings for commercial uses.

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